1980 Leeds City Council election

The 1980 Leeds City Council election took place on 1 May 1980 to elect members of Leeds City Council in England.

1980 Leeds City Council election

 1979 1 May 1980 1982 

All 99 seats on Leeds City Council
50 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party
Leader George Mudie Peter Sparling
Party Labour Conservative
Leader's seat Seacroft Moortown
Seats won 62 29
Seat change 18 16
Popular vote 94,460 74,442
Percentage 43.7% 34.4%

Council control before election

Minority administration

Council control after election

Majority administration

A full boundary review of Leeds's electoral wards increased the number of wards from 32 to 33, also increasing the number of councillors from 96 to 99. This prompted the entire council needing to be elected.[1]

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