1984 Luxembourg general election

General elections were held in Luxembourg on 17 June 1984.[1] The Christian Social People's Party remained the largest party, winning 25 of the 64 seats in the Chamber of Deputies.[2] It formed a coalition government with the Luxembourg Socialist Workers' Party, the Santer-Poos government.[3]

1984 Luxembourg general election

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All 64 seats in the Chamber of Deputies
33 seats were needed for a majority
Party Leader % Seats ±
CSV Jacques Santer 34.89 25 +1
LSAP Jacques Poos 33.57 21 +7
DP Colette Flesch 18.68 14 -1
Green Alternative 5.16 2 New
KPL 5.04 2 0
This lists parties that won seats. See the complete results below.
Prime Minister before Prime Minister
Pierre Werner
Jacques Santer


Christian Social People's Party1,148,08534.8925+1
Luxembourg Socialist Workers' Party1,104,74033.5721+7
Democratic Party614,62718.6814–1
Green Alternative169,8625.162New
Communist Party of Luxembourg165,9605.0420
Independent Socialist Party81,0022.460–1
Revolutionary Communist Legaue6,6860.2000
Valid votes179,99493.92
Invalid/blank votes11,6576.08
Total votes191,651100.00
Registered voters/turnout215,79288.81
Source: Government of Luxembourg


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