1988 Ottawa municipal election

The city of Ottawa, Canada held municipal elections on November 14, 1988.

Mayor Jim Durrell was re-elected with little opposition. Rideau Street businessman Michael Bartholomew finished 2nd with just 6% of the vote. Due to the lack of competition, only about one third of the electorate participated in the election.[1]


Candidate Votes %
Jim Durrell (X)69,81386.77
Michael Bartholomew4,8005.97
John Turmel3,1233.88
John Kroeker1,7042.12
Nabil Fawzry1,0221.27

City council

Map of Ottawa's Wards used in this election
1. Alta Vista Ward
2. Billings Ward
3. Britannia Ward
4. By-Rideau Ward
5. Capital Ward
6. Canterbury Ward
7. Carleton Ward
8. Dalhousie Ward
9. Elmdale Ward
10. Overbrook-Forbes Ward
11. Queensboro Ward
12. Richmond Ward
13. Riverside Ward
14. St. George's Ward
15. Wellington Ward .

The composition of Ottawa's city council was more left leaning than the previous council due to the defeat of Durrell-ally Bob Morrison in Carleton Ward and the election of New Democratic Party backed candidates Lynn Smyth and Michael Jannigan.[2] Jannigan, who was declared elected on election night had to wait over a year to take his seat however, as a recount gave his opponent the win, but after the case was taken to court, a special election was held in 1989 which Jannigan won.

Alta Vista Ward
Candidate Votes %
Darrel Kent (X) Acclaimed
Billings Ward
Candidate Votes %
Joan O'Neill (X)4,17084.36
Eugene Mallay77315.64
Britannia Ward
Candidate Votes %
Jim Jones1,941*40.79
Ruth Wildgen (X)1,931*40.58
Geoffrey Sharpe49610.42
Jenny Lee Lapointe3918.22

* Results after a recount.[3]

By-Rideau Ward
Candidate Votes %
Marc Laviolette (X)4,39578.11
Les MacAfee87215.50
Richard Beaudry3606.40
Capital Ward
Candidate Votes %
Lynn Smyth3,37056.16
Rob Quinn (X)2,63143.84
Canterbury Ward
Candidate Votes %
Michael McSweeney (X)5,59276.33
Ernest Lauzon1,73423.67
Carleton Ward
Candidate Votes %
Tim Kehoe2,48049.03
Bob Morrison (X)1,37827.24
Mary Nash1,20023.72
Queensboro Ward
Candidate Votes %
Mark Maloney (X) Acclaimed
Dalhousie Ward
Candidate Votes %
Peter Harris2,024*46.12
Michael Janigan2,022*46.07
Richard Lobb3437.81

* Results after a recount.

Elmdale Ward
Candidate Votes %
Jamie FIsher (X) Acclaimed
Overbrook-Forbes Ward
Candidate Votes %
George Kelly (X) Acclaimed
Richmond Ward
Candidate Votes %
Jacquelin Holzman (X)4,38052.04
Alex Cullen2,39128.41
Daniel Stringer1,64619.56
Riverside Ward
Candidate Votes %
George Brown (X)4,53185.30
Norman Van Cleaf78114.70
St. George's Ward
Candidate Votes %
Nancy Smith (X)3,75782.94
Ed Barter77317.06
Wellington Ward
Candidate Votes %
Diane Holmes (X)3,26080.61
Lindsay Blackett78419.39

Special election

The election day results in Dalhousie Ward showed Michael Janigan ahead by 12 votes over Peter Harris, but this was done in error. A recount gave Harris a 2 vote win, but Janigan took the results to court, so the city held a special election on November 20, 1989 to resolve the matter, which Janigan won. Harris served as alderman in the interim. The race was a proxy battle for federal politics, with Janigan being supported by the NDP and Harris by the Liberals. The fringe candidates were back by parties too, the Greens backed Dan Roy and the Rhinoceros Party backed Dale Alkerton[4]

Dalhousie Ward
Candidate Votes %
Michael Janigan2,58249.07
Peter Harris2,41145.82
Dan Roy2274.31
Dale Alkerton450.80

Ottawa Board of Education Trustees

Zone 1 (Vanier, Rockcliffe Park, By-Rideau, St. George's, Overbrook-Forbes)
3 to be elected
(79% of polls reporting)
Vote  %
Jane Dobell (X)3,627
Harriet Lang (X)2,577
Cynthia Bled2,077
Margaret Pazdzior1,561
John Stopa1,268
Gary Hough1,230
Salah Al Zein836
Zone 2 (Capital, Wellington)
2 to be elected
(94% of polls reporting)
Vote  %
Anne Scotton3,144
Brian McGarry (X)2,514
Ruth Coodin2,064
Don Francis1,707
Les Jones1,459
Cecile Smithers386
Idris Ben-Tahir261
Zone 3 (Dalhousie, Riverside, Elmdale)
4 to be elected
(98% of polls reporting)
Vote  %
Marian Lothian (X)5,282
Ted Best (X)4,185
Elda Allen4,038
Mary Lou Fleming3,277
Helen Campbell3,060
William Pugsley2,753
Dan Berg2,493
Zone 4 (Britannia, Richmond)
2 to be elected
(95% of polls reporting)
Vote  %
Bill Gowling (X)3,919
Margaret Lange3,771
Robert Beatty (X)2,409
Wayne Wilson2,029
Irma Cohen1,700
Terry Orchard831
Robert Morrissette731
Zone 5 (Carleton, Queensboro)
3 to be elected
(96% of polls reporting)
Vote  %
Kathryn Yach (X)3,891
Brian Mackey3,472
Linda Hunter2,629
John Wright2,101
Margaret Bristow1,468
Geoff Brown1,460
Kevin Kinsella1,302
Zone 6 (Alta Vista, Billings, Canterbury)
4 to be elected
(95% of polls reporting)
Vote  %
Russ Jackson (X)5,373
Marjorie Loughrey (X)5,273
John Sutherland4,393
Roy Bushfield3,905
Rosalind Labow2,896
Linda Townsend2,831
Sue Mack2,412
David Gibbons2,041
Gordon Campbell1,625
Jeannine Ladouceur990
Donald Holmes827


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