1989 European Parliament election in France

On 15 June 1989 the third direct elections to the European Parliament were held in the France. Six lists were able to win seats: an alliance of the centre right Union for French Democracy and the Gaullist Rally for the Republic, an alliance of the Socialist Party and the PRG, the The Greens, the French Communist Party, the Front National and a list of dissenting members of the UDF. 48.8% of the French population turned out on election day.

European Parliament election in France, 1989

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81 seats to the European Parliament
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Valéry Giscard d’Estaing Laurent Fabius Jean-Marie Le Pen
Seats won 26 22 10
Percentage 28.88% 23.61% 11.73%


e  d Summary of the results of France's 15 June 1989 election to the European Parliament
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National party European party Main candidate Votes  % +/– Seats +/–
Union for French Democracy (UDF) + Rally for the Republic (RPR) Valéry Giscard d'Estaing 5,242,03828.882615
Socialist Party (PS) Laurent Fabius 4,286,35423.61222
National Front (FN) Jean-Marie Le Pen 2,129,66811.73100
The Greens (VERTS) Antoine Waechter 1,922,94510.5999
Union for French Democracy dissidents (UDFD) Simone Veil 1,529,3468.4377
Communist Party (PCF) Philippe Herzog 1,401,1717.7273
Hunting, Fishing, Nature, Traditions (CPNT) André Goustat 749,7414.1300
Workers' Struggle (LO) Arlette Laguiller 258,6631.4300
Ecologists (LAPAE) Arlette Alessandri 188,5731.0400
Others (parties and candidates that won less than 1% of the vote and no seats) 0
Valid votes 18,151,41697.11
Blank and invalid votes 539,2762.89
Totals 18,690,692100.0081
Electorate (eligible voters) and voter turnout 38,297,49648.80
Source: France-politique.fr