1990 Serbian general election

General elections were held in the Socialist Republic of Serbia, a constituent federal unit of SFR Yugoslavia, in December 1990.

1990 Serbian general election

 1989 9 December 1990 1992 
Presidential election
Candidate Slobodan Milošević Vuk Drašković Ivan Đurić
Popular vote 3,285,799 824,674 277,398
Percentage 65.34% 16.40% 5.52%

President before election

Slobodan Milošević
(President of the Presidency)

Elected President

Slobodan Milošević

Parliamentary election

Party Leader % Seats
SPS Slobodan Milošević 46.09 194
SPO Vuk Drašković 15.79 19
DS Dragoljub Mićunović 7.45 7
VMDK András Ágoston 2.64 8
SDA S Sulejman Ugljanin 1.67 3
SRSJ Ante Marković 1.43 2
NSS Dragan Veselinov 1.35 1
SSS Milomir Babić 1.05 2
SDS 0.65 1
UJDI Branko Horvat 0.50 1
DSHV Bela Tonković 0.47 1
PVD 0.44 1
SJ 0.43 1
DRSM 0.07 1
This lists parties that won seats. See the complete results below.
Prime Minister before Prime Minister after
Stanko Radmilović
Dragutin Zelenović

The presidential elections and the first round of the parliamentary elections were held on 9 December, whilst a second round of the parliamentary elections was held on 23 December 1990.


The elections were boycotted by political parties of ethnic Kosovo Albanians, who made up around 17% of the population.[1] As a result of the boycott, Kosovo was Milošević's strongest area of support.


Slobodan Milošević of the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) won the presidential elections, becoming the first elected President of Serbia. whilst the SPS won 194 of the 250 seats in the National Assembly. Opposition parties accused the SPS of voting irregularities. 7,033,610 citizens had the right to vote, 5,029,123 (71.50%) went to the polls. There were 169,461 invalid ballots (3.37%). A large number of candidates competed for the position of President of Serbia, as many as 32.[2]


Candidate Party Votes %
Slobodan MiloševićSocialist Party of Serbia3,285,79965.34
Vuk DraškovićSerbian Renewal Movement824,67416.40
Ivan ĐurićUJDISRSJ277,3985.52
Sulejman UgljaninParty of Democratic Action109,4562.18
Vojislav ŠešeljCitizen's Group96,2771.91
Blažo PerovićYU Bloc57,4201.14
Slobodan MatićAlliance of All Serbs of the World28,9780.58
Dragan JovanovićGreen Party22,4580.45
Ljuben Alen AleksovCitizen's Group19,1230.38
Ljubomir GrujićCitizen's Group17,6750.35
Milan LazarevićCitizen's Group11,0340.22
Tihomir ŽivanovićCitizen's Group9,8920.20
Jovan KoprivicaCitizen's Group9,6770.19
Miodrag GojkovićParty of Independent Businessmen "Zapis"9,2620.18
Tomislav KrsmanovićMovement for the Defense of Human Rights in Yugoslavia8,0950.16
Živan HaravanParty of Social Justice7,7910.15
Velimir CvetićSocial Democratic Party of Yugoslavia6,5750.13
Milan MladenovićCitizen's Group6,4590.13
Miroslav VeselinovićCitizen's Group6,1800.12
Nikola BarovićCitizen's Group5,3550.11
Predrag VuletićLiberal Party5,0190.10
Ratomir VojvodićCitizen's Group4,4140.09
Ljiljana ĆuićCitizen's Group3,4250.07
Milorad RadovićCitizen's Group3,4250.07
Saša GoranciCitizen's Group3,4090.07
Nikola ŠećeroskiCitizen's Group3,1680.06
Čedomir NešićCitizen's Group2,5530.05
Slobodan RankovićCitizen's Group2,4250.05
Radivoje ŠarenacCitizen's Group1,9180.04
Jovan StojkovićCitizen's Group1,1540.02
Miomir TošićCitizen's Group9040.02
Hercen RadonjićCitizen's Group8470.02
Invalid/blank votes169,461
Registered voters/turnout7,033,61071.50

National Assembly

Summary of the 9—23 December 1990 Serbian parliamentary election results
Parties Votes % +/- Seats +/-
Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) 2,320,587 46.09 194
Serbian Renewal Movement (SPO) 794,789 15.79 19
Democratic Party (DS) 374,887 7.45 7
Democratic Fellowship of Vojvodina Hungarians (DVZM) 132,726 2.64 8
Party of Democratic Action of Sandžak (SDA) 84,156 1.67 3
Union of Reform Forces (SRSJ) 71,865 1.43 2
People's Peasant Party (NSS) 68,045 1.35 1
Peasants Party of Serbia (SSS) 52,663 1.05 2
Serbian Democratic Party (SDS) 32,927 0.65 1
Association for Yugoslav Democratic Initiative (UJDI) 24,982 0.50 1
Democratic Alliance of Croats in Vojvodina (DSH) 23,630 0.47 1
Party for Democratic Action (PDD) 21,998 0.44 1
Federal Party of Yugoslavs (SJ) 21,784 0.43 1
Democratic Reform Party of Muslims (DRSM) 3,432 0.07 1
Citizens' Groups 456,318 9.06 -
Others 341,732 6.79 -
Total 5,034,440 250


  SPS  (194)
  SPO  (19)
  DS  (7)
  Minor parties  (7)