1991 Kosovan independence referendum

An independence referendum was held in Kosovo, then known as the Socialist Autonomous Province of Kosovo. between 26 and 30 September 1991. The dissolved Provincial Assembly had declared the Republic of Kosova a sovereign and independent state on 22 September 1991.[1] Over 99% of voters voted in favour of independence, with a turnout of 87%.[2] The referendum was boycotted by Serbs living in the region, who comprised around 10% of the population.[2]


In order to pass, the referendum required a turnout of at least 66.7% and at least half of those voting in favour.[3]


Choice Votes %
Invalid/blank votes933
Registered voters/turnout1,051,35787.01
Source: Direct Democracy


The only United Nations member who recognised the Republic of Kosova was Albania, with a resolution recognising the country passed in the Parliament of Albania on 21 October.[4]

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