1992 New Territories West by-election

The 1992 New Territories West by-election was held on 30 August 1992 after the incumbent Legislative Councillor Ng Ming-yum of New Territories West died of blood cancer on 22 June 1992.[1]

1992 New Territories West by-election

 1991 30 August 1992 (1992-08-30) 1995 
Candidate Tang Siu-tong Albert Ho
Party Independent United Democrats
Alliance Conservative bloc Pro-democracy
Popular vote 33,038 30,466
Percentage 51.3% 47.3%

Member before election

Ng Ming-yum (death)
Meeting Point

Elected Member

Tang Siu-tong

It was the second by-election in the constituency since the 1991 general election. The two-time candidate, conservative rural leader Tang Siu-tong defeated Albert Ho Chun-yan, vice chairman of the liberal United Democrats of Hong Kong (UDHK), and independent Sui See-chun with 51 percent majority, receiving 33,038 votes.


New Territories West by-election 1992
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Independent Tang Siu-tong 33,038 51.3 +16.7
United Democrats Ho Chun-yan 30,466 47.3
Independent Sui See-chun 743 1.2
Majority 2,572 4.0
Total valid votes 64,247 100.0
Independent gain from United Democrats Swing

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