1993 Serbian parliamentary election

Parliamentary elections were held in the Republic of Serbia on 19 December 1993.[1]

1993 Serbian parliamentary election

 1992 19 December 1993 1997 

All 250 seats in the National Assembly
126 seats needed for a majority
Party Leader % Seats ±
SPS Slobodan Milošević 36.65 123 +22
DEPOS Vuk Drašković 16.64 45 +13
SRS Vojislav Šešelj 13.85 39 -40
DS Dragoljub Mićunović 11.57 29 +23
DSS Vojislav Koštunica 5.07 7 New
Minority lists
VMDK András Ágoston 2.61 5 -4
PVDDPS Riza Halimi 0.68 2 New
This lists parties that won seats. See the complete results below.
Prime Minister before Prime Minister after
Nikola Šainović
Mirko Marjanović

The Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) emerged as the largest party in the National Assembly, winning 123 of the 250 seats.

The SPS formed a government with New Democracy, which had run as part of the Democratic Movement of Serbia coalition.


The elections were boycotted by political parties of ethnic Kosovo Albanians, who made up about 17% of the population.[2]


Party Votes % Seats +/–
Socialist Party of Serbia1,576,28736.65123+22
Democratic Movement of Serbia715,56416.6445–5
Serbian Radical Party595,46713.8539–34
Democratic Party497,58211.5729+23
Democratic Party of Serbia218,0565.077New
Democratic Fellowship of Vojvodina Hungarians112,3422.615–4
Party for Democratic ActionDemocratic Party of Albanians29,3420.682New
Invalid/blank votes555,800
Registered voters/turnout7,010,38561.34
Source: B92


  SPS  (123)
  DEPOS  (45)
  SRS  (39)
  DS  (29)
  DSS  (7)
  VMDK  (5)
  PVDDPS  (2)


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