1995–96 Anglo-Italian Cup

The 1995–96 Anglo-Italian Cup was the last Anglo-Italian Cup competition. The European football competition was played between eight clubs from England and eight clubs from Italy. Italian side Genoa lifted the trophy after beating English side Port Vale 5-2.


For the competition there were eight English teams and eight Italian teams. These teams were split into two groups consisting of four English and four Italian teams each. Each team played against the four teams in their group from the opposing nation. In each group, the best team from each nation progressed to the regional semi-finals. The semi-finals were two-leg matches played between each nation's group winners. The winner of each semi-final then met in a final.[1]

Group stage

Group[1]  England[1]  Italy[1]
A Birmingham City
Luton Town
Oldham Athletic
Port Vale
B Ipswich Town
Southend United
Stoke City
West Bromwich Albion

Group A games

Ancona10Oldham Athletic
Birmingham City23Genoa
Cesena22Port Vale
Luton Town14Perugia
Genoa40Luton Town
Oldham Athletic00Cesena
Perugia01Birmingham City
Port Vale20Ancona
Ancona12Birmingham City
Cesena21Luton Town
Oldham Athletic20Perugia
Port Vale00Genoa
Birmingham City31Cesena
Genoa00Oldham Athletic
Luton Town50Ancona
Perugia35Port Vale
Group A tables

Group B games

Foggia11Stoke City
Salernitana00West Bromwich Albion
Ipswich Town21Reggiana
Southend United00Brescia
Brescia22Ipswich Town
Reggiana11Southend United
Stoke City22Salernitana
West Bromwich Albion11Foggia
Foggia01Ipswich Town
Salernitana21Southend United
Stoke City11Brescia
West Bromwich Albion21Reggiana
Brescia01West Bromwich Albion
Ipswich Town20Salernitana
Reggiana00[2]Stoke City
Southend United12Foggia
Group B tables

Regional Semi-finals

English semi-final
Ipswich Town24Port Vale
West Bromwich Albion(4) 22 (1)Birmingham City
Italian semi-final
Genoa(6) 00 (5)Salernitana

Regional Finals

English final
West Bromwich Albion00Port Vale
West Bromwich Albion13Port Vale
Italian final

Tournament Final

Genoa 52Port Vale
Ruotolo  12', 54', 66'
Galante  21'
Montella  39'
Report Foyle  68', 82'
GK1 Luca Pastine 75'
DF2 Davide Nicola 50'
DF5 Fabio Galante
DF6 Luca Cavallo
DF3 Daniele Delli Carri
MF4 Oscar Magoni
MF7 Gennaro Ruotolo
MF8 Mario Bortolazzi
MF11 Roberto Onorati 46'
FW9 Vincenzo Montella
FW10 Marco Nappi
GK12 Gianpaolo Spagnulo 75'
MF14 John van 't Schip 50'
MF13 Vincenzo Torrente 46'
Gaetano Salvemini
Port Vale
GK Paul Musselwhite
DF Andy Hill
DF Gareth Griffiths
DF Neil Aspin
DF Dean Stokes 37'
MF Jon McCarthy
MF Andy Porter
MF Ian Bogie
MF Steve Guppy 86'
FW Martin Foyle
FW Lee Glover 59'
MF Ray Walker 37'
MF Stewart Talbot 86'
FW Tony Naylor 59'
John Rudge


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