1995 Ontario general election

The 1995 Ontario general election was held on June 8, 1995, to elect members of the 36th Legislative Assembly of the province of Ontario, Canada. The writs for the election were dropped on April 28, 1995.

1995 Ontario general election

 1990 June 8, 1995 1999 

130 seats in the 36th Legislative Assembly of Ontario
66 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Mike Harris Lyn McLeod Bob Rae
Party Progressive Conservative Liberal New Democratic
Leader since May 12, 1990 February 9, 1992 February 7, 1982
Leader's seat Nipissing Fort William York South
Last election 20 36 74
Seats won 82 30 17
Seat change 62 6 57
Popular vote 1,870,110 1,291,326 854,163
Percentage 44.8% 31.1% 20.6%
Swing 21.3pp 1.3pp 17.0pp

Popular vote by riding. As this is an FPTP election, seat totals are not determined by popular vote, but instead via results by each riding. Click the map for more details.

Premier before election

Bob Rae
New Democratic

Premier after election

Mike Harris
Progressive Conservative

The governing New Democratic Party, led by Premier Bob Rae, was defeated by voters, who were angry with the actions of the Rae government, such as its unpopular hiring quotas and the Social Contract legislation in 1993.[1] These policies caused the NDP to lose much of its base in organized labour, further reducing support for the party. At the 1993 federal election, the NDP tumbled to less than seven percent support, and lost all 11 of its federal seats in Ontario. By the time the writs were dropped for the 1995 provincial election, it was obvious that the NDP would not be reelected.

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