1996 Hemsworth by-election

The 1996 Hemsworth by-election was a parliamentary by-election held in England on 1 February 1996 for the House of Commons constituency of Hemsworth in West Yorkshire.

1996 Hemsworth by-election

 1992 1 February 1996 1997 
  First party Second party
Candidate Jon Trickett Norman Hazell
Party Labour Conservative
Popular vote 15,817 1,942
Percentage 71.9% 8.8%
Swing 1.1pp 9.8pp

  Third party Fourth party
Candidate John Ridgeway Brenda Nixon
Party Liberal Democrats Socialist Labour
Popular vote 1,516 1,193
Percentage 6.9% 5.4%
Swing 3.7pp New

MP before election

Derek Enright

Elected MP

Jon Trickett

The vacancy was caused by the death of Hemsworth's Member of Parliament (MP), Derek Enright of the Labour Party. Enright, a former Member of the European Parliament (MEP) for Leeds, had held the seat since a by-election in 1991.

The result was a Labour hold.

The election saw the first contest by the Socialist Labour Party, ahead of the party's official formation. Based in nearby Barnsley, the organisation saved its deposit, with 5.4% of the vote.

Hemsworth by-election, 1996[1]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Labour Jon Trickett 15,817 71.9 +1.1
Conservative Norman Hazell 1,942 8.8 –9.8
Liberal Democrats John Ridgeway 1,516 6.9 –3.7
Socialist Labour Brenda Nixon 1,193 5.4 New
Monster Raving Loony David Sutch 652 3.0 New
UKIP Peter Davies 455 2.1 New
Green Peg Alexander 157 0.7 New
Independent Mark Thomas 122 0.6 New
National Democrats Mike Cooper 111 0.5 New
Natural Law Diane Leighton 28 0.1 New
Majority 13,875 63.1 +10.9
Turnout 21,993 39.5
Labour hold Swing +5.43

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