1997 Serbian general election

General elections were held in the Republic of Serbia on 21 September 1997 to elect the President and National Assembly. With no presidential candidate receiving over 50% of the vote in the first round, a second round was held on 5 October.[1] Running on a platform of Serbian nationalism and neoliberal economic reforms, Vojislav Šešelj of the Serbian Radical Party received the most votes. However voter turnout was only 48%, below the required 50%.[1] As a result, the elections were annulled, and fresh elections were scheduled for December.[1]

1997 Serbian general election

21 September 1997 (first round)
5 October 1997 (second round)
Presidential election
Candidate Vojislav Šešelj Zoran Lilić
Popular vote 1,733,859 1,691,354
Percentage 49.10% 47.90%

President before election

Slobodan Milošević

Elected President

Election results annulled
New elections held in December 1997

Parliamentary election

Party Leader % Seats ±
SPS–JUL–ND Slobodan Milošević 34.26 110 -18
SRS Vojislav Šešelj 28.08 82 +43
SPO Vuk Drašković 19.18 45 +8
VMDK Sándor Páll 2.72 4 -1
DA Nebojša Čović 1.47 1 New
VMSZ József Kasza 1.23 4 New
List for Sandžak Sulejman Ugljanin 1.20 3 New
DKPB 0.34 1 New
This lists parties that won seats. See the complete results below.
Prime Minister before Prime Minister after
Mirko Marjanović
Mirko Marjanović

In the National Assembly elections, the Socialist Party of SerbiaYugoslav LeftNew Democracy coalition emerged as the largest in the Assembly, winning 110 of the 250 seats.[2]

The elections were boycotted by several parties, including the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party of Serbia and the Civic Alliance, which claimed that the elections would not be held under fair conditions.[1] Most Kosovo Albanians also boycotted the elections.


President (annulled)

Candidate Party First round Second round
Votes % Votes %
Zoran LilićLeft Coalition1,474,92437.701,691,35447.90
Vojislav ŠešeljSerbian Radical Party1,126,94027.281,733,85949.10
Vuk DraškovićSerbian Renewal Movement852,80020.64
Mile IsakovVojvodina Coalition111,1662.43
Vuk ObradovićSocial Democratic Party100,5232.43
Nebojša ČovićDemocratic Alternative93,1332.23
Sulejman UgljaninList for Sandžak68,4461.66
Milan Paroški27,1000.66
Miodrag Vidojković14,1050.34
Predrag Vuletić11,4630.27
Dragan Djordević10,8640.26
Milan Mladenović10,1120.24
Djordje Drlajcić9,4300.22
Branko Cicić7,0970.17
Gvozden Sakić3,2930.06
Invalid/blank votes104,223
Registered voters/turnout57.4748.97
Source: Bugajski, Balkan Insight

National Assembly

Party Votes % Seats +/–
Left Coalition1,418,03634.26110–19
Serbian Radical Party1,162,21628.0882+43
Serbian Renewal Movement793,98819.1845+8
Vojvodina Coalition112,5892.724–1
Social Democracy105,0682.540New
Democratic Alternative60,8551.231New
Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians50,9601.204New
List for Sandžak49,4861.203New
Democratic Party of Vojvodina Hungarians16,9860.410New
Democratic Fellowship of Vojvodina Hungarians16,8120.410
New Communist Party of Yugoslavia16,2220.390
Radical Party "Nikola Pasic"15,9860.390
People's Party15,2320.370
Democratic Coalition Preševo-Bujanovac14,1790.341New
Natural Law Party8,9570.220
League of Communists of Yugoslavia in Serbia5,7600.140
Party of Serbian Unity5,5900.140New
Democratic Alliance of Croats in Vojvodina5,3750.1300
Vojvodina's Party4,7900.120
Party of Serbian Citizens4,5080.110
Rebirth Coalition–Foreign Currency Savers Party3,7270.090
Council of Citizens of Subotica3,6470.090
Sandžak Coalition3,6060.090
Serbian Resistance Movement–Democratic Movement3,2990.080
Pensioners Democratic Party of Serbia2,9560.070
Christian Democratic Movement of Vojvodina Hungarians2,7020.070
Rebirth Coalition2,6520.060
Serbian Peasant Party2,1970.050
Civic Movement of Vojvodina Hungarians2,1810.050
Workers' Party of Yugoslavia2,1410.050
New Radical Party–People's Party2,1160.050
Foreign Currency Savers Party1,8950.050
Movement for the Protection of Human Rights1,8490.040
Christian Democratic Union1,7720.040
Serbian Peasant Party–People's Party1,4890.040
Alliance of Independent Citizens "For Zemun"1,2430.030
Independent Radical Party1,2250.030
Vojvodina Green Party1,1250.030
League of Communists of Yugoslavia1,0260.020
Green Party7720.020
Communist Party of Yugoslavia7490.020
Sandžak Workers Social Democratic Party6740.020
Liberal Party5030.010
"Serbian Citizens" – Serbian Citizens Party4770.010
Unified Opposition4400.010
Rebirth Coalition–Foreign Currency Savers Party–Radical Party3550.010
Yugoslav Working Class "Josip Broz Tito"3510.010
Rebirth Coalition–Monarchist Party of Serbia2960.010
KP Yugoslavia2830.010
Universalist Movement1240.000
Citizens Groups40,1100.970
Invalid/blank votes166,6124.03
Registered voters/turnout7,210,38657.40
Source: RIK

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