2000 Ottawa municipal election

The 2000 City of Ottawa elections were held on November 13, 2000, in Ottawa, Canada. The elections were held for mayor of Ottawa, Ottawa City Council and a number of school trustees. These elections would mark the first for the newly amalgamated city, which now included 10 new municipalities in addition to Ottawa. At the time of the city elections, the amalgamation had not occurred yet; the official date of that happened on January 1, 2001.

2000 Ottawa mayoral election

 1997 November 13, 2000 2003 
Nominee Bob Chiarelli Claudette Cain
Popular vote 142,972 102,940
Percentage 56.32 40.55%

Popular vote results by Ward

Mayor before election

Allan Higdon (interim)

Elected Mayor

Bob Chiarelli

Mayoral race

The race for mayor only had two major candidates, that of the Chair of the Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton, Bob Chiarelli and the mayor of the City of Gloucester, Claudette Cain. Cain did very well in her native Gloucester, as well as in the more francophone areas like Cumberland and Vanier. Bob Chiarelli won most of the other wards, including one that was partly in Gloucester. His strongest showing was in Kanata and Kitchissippi Ward.

The election had few major issues surrounding it, with Chiarelli's main debate issue being a plan to recapitalize Hydro Ottawa to help finance infrastructure projects. Chiarelli was seen as a "solid, no-frills and experience politicians who quietly gets the job done", running an "amorphous, centrist" campaign. Cain was the underdog in the campaign and campaigned on cutting taxes and a "go-slow approach" to infrastructure in contrast to Chiarelli.[1]


Votes %
Bob Chiarelli142,97256.32
Claudette Cain102,94040.55
George Saadé2,5971.02
Marc-André Bélair1,8460.73
James A. Hall8430.33
Ken Mills7730.30
Paula Nemchin7020.28
John Turmel6770.27
Morteza Naini5160.20

City council

Map of Ottawa's Wards used in this election
1. Orléans Ward
2. Innes Ward
3. Bell-South Nepean Ward
4. Kanata Ward
5. West Carleton Ward
6. Goulbourn Ward
7. Bay Ward
8. Baseline Ward
9. Knoxdale-Merivale Ward
10. Gloucester-Southgate Ward
11. Beacon Hill-Cyrville Ward
12. Rideau-Vanier Ward
13. Rideau-Rockcliffe Ward
14. Somerset Ward
15. Kitchissippi Ward
16. River Ward
17. Capital Ward
18. Alta Vista Ward
19. Cumberland Ward
20. Osgoode Ward
21. Rideau Ward.

The city council elections were very fierce, because many wards faced incumbents against each other because of the amalgamation. In the rural areas, some mayors ran for city council.


Orléans Ward
Candidate Votes %
Herb Kreling 7029 40.96
John Morgan 5564 32.42
Gerry Lalonde 4569 26.62
Innes Ward
Candidate Votes %
Rainer Bloess700652.01
Ed Campbell344225.55
Luc Brisebois157211.67
Marc Thibault145110.77
Bell-South Nepean Ward
Candidate Votes %
Jan Harder1064060.89
Molly McGoldrick-Larsen683439.11
Kanata Ward
Candidate Votes %
West Carleton Ward
Candidate Votes %
Dwight Eastman342050.07
David Whiteman255937.47
Harold O. Daley85112.46
Goulbourn Ward
Candidate Votes %
Janet Stavinga452845.01
Betty Hill340133.80
Steven Lewis213221.19
Bay Ward
Candidate Votes %
Alex Cullen719148.02
Doug Shouldice626241.82
Jim Jones5723.82
Jeff Seeton5503.67
Geoffrey Sharpe3992.66
Baseline Ward
Candidate Votes %
Rick Chiarelli573859.67
Al Loney387940.33
Knoxdale-Merivale Ward
Candidate Votes %
Gord Hunter784571.27
Al Speyers316328.73
Gloucester-Southgate Ward
Candidate Votes %
Diane Deans672448.62
George Barrett459933.25
Bob Leedy227416.44
Anoop Rangi2341.69
Beacon Hill-Cyrville Ward
Candidate Votes %
Michel Bellemare654757.87
Pat Clark476742.13
Rideau-Vanier Ward
Candidate Votes %
Madeleine Meilleur ACCLAIMED
Rideau-Rockcliffe Ward
Candidate Votes %
Jacques Legendre726964.07
Richard Cannings407735.93
Somerset Ward
Candidate Votes %
Elisabeth Arnold651775.77
Olivia Bradley208424.2
Kitchissippi Ward
Candidate Votes %
Shawn Little572147.32
Linda Davis484540.07
Ray Kostuch152512.61
River Ward
Candidate Votes %
Wendy Stewart709179.95
Dave Hagerman177820.05
Capital Ward
Candidate Votes %
Clive Doucet648669.51
Jim Bickford284530.49
Alta Vista Ward
Candidate Votes %
Peter Hume 8625 55.67
Allan Higdon 6345 40.96
Ahmed Mohamed Nor 522 3.37
Cumberland Ward
Candidate Votes %
Phil McNeely 3814 44.55
Robert van den Ham 1866 21.80
David Lewis 1631 19.05
Judy Poulin 1250 14.60
Osgoode Ward
Candidate Votes %
Doug Thompson 4034 56.29
John Cyr 2027 28.28
Dwayne Acres 1106 15.43
City council
Rideau Ward Votes %
Glenn Brooks 3444 65.10
James Stewart 1846 34.90

School trustee races

Ottawa-Carleton District School Board Trustees

Zone 1 (West Carleton, Goulbourn/Rideau)
Candidate Votes %
Lynn Scott Acclaimed
Zone 2 (Kanata)
Candidate Votes %
Jim Libbey6,78966.04
Mark Williams3,49133.96
Zone 3 (Bell/South Nepean)
Candidate Votes %
Norm MacDonald8,76381.59
Gerry Taylor1,97718.41
Zone 4 (Bay)
Candidate Votes %
Margaret Lange5,17051.61
Patty Anne Hill3,80037.94
Heinz Fildebrandt1,04710.45
Zone 5 (Baseline/Knoxdale-Merivale)
Candidate Votes %
Myrna Laurenceson9,15054.29
Alex Getty7,70445.71
Zone 6 (Rideau-Rockcliffe/Alta Vista)
Candidate Votes %
Russ Jackson7,52352.36
Chris Ellis6,84447.64
Zone 7 (Gloucester-Southgate/Osgoode)
Candidate Votes %
Pam Morse5,86448.12
Greg Laws5,67246.54
Krishen Rangi6515.34
Zone 8 (Orleans/Cumberland)
Candidate Votes %
Sheryl MacDonald Acclaimed
Zone 9 (Rideau-Vanier/Capital)
Candidate Votes %
Lynn Graham Acclaimed
Zone 10 (Somerset/Kitchissippi)
Candidate Votes %
Joan Spice7,20551.08
Albert Chambers4,56132.33
David Allston2,34016.59
Zone 11 (River)
Candidate Votes %
Brian Gifford6,16587.27
Jeremy Sztuka89912.73
Zone 12 (Innes/Beacon Hill-Cyrville)
Candidate Votes %
David Moen6,61862.38
Maret Swayze3,99237.62

Ottawa-Carleton Catholic School Board Trustees

Zone 1 (West Carleton/Goulbourn/Rideau/Osgoode)
Candidate Votes %
John Curry2,82951.09
Cheryl Cross2,70848.91
Zone 2 (Kanata)
Candidate Votes %
Art Lamarche2,66368.95
Pat Gaudet-La Prairie1,19931.05
Zone 3 (Orleans/Cumberland)
Candidate Votes %
Des Curley3,64075.71
Walter Szyc1,16824.29
Zone 4 (Bell-South Nepean)
Candidate Votes %
June Flynn-Turner3,38473.25
Daniel Falcioni1,23626.75
Zone 5 (Beacon Hill-Cyrville/Innes)
Candidate Votes %
Jacqueline Legendre-McGuinty2,62061.36
Tim Weil1,65038.64
Zone 6 (Knoxdale-Merivale/Baseline)
Candidate Votes %
John Chiarelli Acclaimed
Zone 7 (Kitchissippi/Bay)
Candidate Votes %
Betty-Ann Kealey2,82058.06
Gord Butler2,03741.94
Zone 8 (Alta Vista/Gloucester-Southgate)
Candidate Votes %
Mark D. Mullan3,02650.14
Pat Bowie2,42040.10
Ernest Wheeler5899.76
Zone 9 (River/Capital)
Candidate Votes %
Kathy Ablett2,15146.97
Catherine Maguire-Urban1,60935.13
Andrew Scheer82017.90
Zone 10 (Rideau-Vanier/Rideau-Rockcliffe/Somerset)
Candidate Votes %
Thérèse Maloney Cousineau Acclaimed

Conseil des écoles catholiques de langue française du Centre-Est Trustees

Zone 4 (Bell-South Nepean/Kanata/West Carleton/Goulbourn/Rideau/Osgoode)
Candidate Votes %
Marie Biron1,22180.49
Alda Santos29619.41
Zone 5 (Bay/Baseline/Knoxdale-Merivale/Kitchissippi/River)
Candidate Votes %
Ronald Saumure Acclaimed
Zone 6 (Rideau-Vanier/Somerset)
Candidate Votes %
Diane Lemieux-Trudel Acclaimed
Zone 7 (Innes)
Candidate Votes %
Monique Briand Acclaimed
Zone 8 (Cumberland)
Candidate Votes %
Lise Cloutier1,51157.83
J. André Côté1,10242.17
Zone 9 (Orleans)
Candidate Votes %
Madelaine Chevalier2,58261.68
Claude Paquette1,60438.32
Zone 10 (Gloucester-Southgate/Capital/Alta Vista/Osgoode)
Candidate Votes %
Maureen Drouin Acclaimed
Zone 11 (Beacond Hill-Cyrville/Rideau-Rockcliffe)
Candidate Votes %
Maurice Lamirande4,66274.28
Pierre Jury1,61425.72

Conseil des écoles publiques de l'Est de l'Ontario Trustees

Zone 5 (Gloucester-Southgate/Cumberland/Osgoode)
Candidate Votes %
Louise Panneton Acclaimed
Zone 6 (Orleans)
Candidate Votes %
Yvon Ferrand Acclaimed
Zone 7 (Innes/Beacond Hill-Cyrville)
Candidate Votes %
Denis M. Chartrand Acclaimed
Zone 8 (Alta Vista/Rideau-Rockcliffe)
Candidate Votes %
Marielle Godbout Acclaimed
Zone 9 (Rideau-Vanier)
Candidate Votes %
Susan R. Copeland Acclaimed
Zone 10 (Somerset/Kitchissippi/River/Capital)
Candidate Votes %
Jean-Paul Lafond Acclaimed
Zone 11 (Bell-South Nepean/Kanata/West Carleton/Goulbourn/Bay/Baseline/Knoxdale-Merivale/Rideau)
Candidate Votes %
Bernard Bareilhe Acclaimed


  1. Ottawa Citizen, November 14, 2000 pgB9, "'Underdog' Cain faced tough battle"