2000 Yugoslavian general election

General elections were held in Yugoslavia on 24 September 2000.[1] They included the presidential election, which was held using the two-round system, with a second round scheduled for 8 October.[2] After the first round, the Federal Electoral Commission announced that Vojislav Koštunica of the Democratic Opposition of Serbia (DOS) was just short of the 50% majority needed to avoid a runoff against the runner-up and incumbent president Slobodan Milošević.[2] However, the DOS coalition claimed that Koštunica had received 52.54% of the vote. This led to open conflict between the opposition and government.[2] The opposition organized demonstrations in Belgrade on 5 October 2000, after which Milošević resigned on 7 October and conceded the presidency to Koštunica.[3] USAID subsequently released revised election results with Koštunica having slightly over 50% of the vote.[4]

2000 Yugoslavian presidential election

24 September 2000
Candidate Vojislav Koštunica Slobodan Milošević Tomislav Nikolić
Popular vote 2,470,304 1,826,799 289,013
Percentage 50.24% 37.15% 5.88%

President before election

Slobodan Milošević

Elected President

Vojislav Koštunica
Milošević resigns on 7 October 2000

In the Federal Assembly elections, DOS emerged as the largest faction in the Chamber of Citizens,[5] whilst the Socialist People's Party of Montenegro won the most seats in the Chamber of Republics.[6] The elections were boycotted by the ruling coalition of Montenegro, led by the Democratic Party of Socialists.[7]