2001 Kosovan parliamentary election

Parliamentary elections were held in Kosovo on 17 November 2001. The first President of Kosovo taking office after the start of the UN Administration Ibrahim Rugova, was re elected and took office on 2 March 2002. The elections were held under the government of the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo.[2]

2001 Kosovan parliamentary election

 1992 17 November 2001 2004 

All 120 seats in the Assembly of Kosovo
61 seats needed for a majority
Party Leader % Seats
LDK Ibrahim Rugova 45.65 47
PDK Hashim Thaçi 25.70 26
KP 11.34 22
AAK Ramush Haradinaj 7.83 8
Vakat 1.15 4
LKÇK 1.11 1
KDTP Mahir Yağcılar 1.00 3
ADPK 0.98 1
PD 0.57 1
LPK 0.56 1
IRDK 0.50 2
PDAK 0.43 2
SDA 0.37 1
PREBK 0.34 1
This lists parties that won seats. See the complete results below.
Results by each municipality;
  LDK   PDK   KP
Prime Minister after
Bajram Rexhepi


Democratic League of Kosovo359,85145.6547
Democratic Party of Kosovo202,62225.7026
Return Coalition89,38811.3422
Alliance for the Future of Kosovo61,6887.838
Vakat Coalition9,0301.154
National Movement for the Liberation of Kosovo8,7251.111
Turkish Democratic Party of Kosovo7,8791.003
Albanian Christian Democratic Party of Kosovo7,7010.981
Justice Party4,5040.571
People's Movement of Kosovo4,4040.561
New Democratic Initiative of Kosovo3,9760.502
Liberal Party of Kosovo3,6000.460
Democratic Ashkali Party of Kosovo3,4110.432
Party of Democratic Action 2,9060.371
Albanian National Front Party2,8810.370
United Roma Party of Kosovo2,7170.341
Liberal Centre Party of Kosovo2,4030.300
Green Party of Kosovo2,3250.290
Social Democratic Party of Kosovo1,7850.230
Xhevdet Rexhaj1,3300.170
Latif Kryeziu1,1990.150
Xun Çetta1,2100.150
Albanian National Democratic Party1,0660.140
Republican Party of Kosovo6430.080
Civil Initiative of Kosovo6310.080
Albanian Liberal Party4280.050
Valid votes788,30398.07
Invalid/blank votes15,4931.93
Total votes803,796100.00
Registered voters/turnout1,249,98764.30
Source: KQZ


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