2002 Bali bombings

The 2002 Bali bombings occurred on 12 October 2002 in the tourist district of Kuta on the Indonesian island of Bali. The attack killed 202 people (including 88 Australians, 38 Indonesians, 23 Britons, and people of more than 20 other nationalities).[3] A further 209 people were injured.[4]

2002 Bali bombings
Part of Terrorism in Indonesia
The Bali Bombing memorial at the site of the original Paddy's Pub across the road from the site of the now demolished Sari Club (to the left of this picture)
2002 Bali bombings (Denpasar)
2002 Bali bombings (Bali)
2002 Bali bombings (Indonesia)
Location in Denpasar, Bali and Indonesia
LocationKuta, Indonesia
Coordinates8°43′02″S 115°10′27″E
Date12 October 2002; 20 years ago (2002-10-12)
11:05 p.m. Central Indonesia Standard Time (UTC+08:00)
TargetTwo nightclubs with Western clientele, U.S. Consular office
Attack type
Suicide bombing, car bombing
Deaths204 (including 2 suicide bombers)
PerpetratorsJemaah Islamiyah and
MotiveRetaliation for United States' support of War on terror and Australia's role in the liberation of East Timor.

Various members of Jemaah Islamiyah, a violent Islamist group, were convicted in relation to the bombings, including three individuals who were sentenced to death. The attack involved the detonation of three bombs: a backpack-mounted device carried by a suicide bomber; a large car bomb, both of which were detonated in or near popular nightclubs in Kuta; and a third much smaller device detonated outside the United States consulate in Denpasar, causing only minor damage. An audio-cassette purportedly carrying a recorded voice message from Osama bin Laden stated that the Bali bombings were in direct retaliation for support of the United States' War on Terror and Australia's role in the liberation of East Timor.[5]

On 9 November 2008, Amrozi bin Nurhasyim, Imam Samudra and Huda bin Abdul Haq were executed by firing squad on the island prison of Nusakambangan. On 9 March 2010, Dulmatin, nicknamed "the Genius"—believed to be responsible for setting off one of the Bali bombs with a mobile phone—was killed in a shoot-out with Indonesian police in Pamulang, South Tangerang.[6]

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