2003 Plaid Cymru leadership election

The 2003 Plaid Cymru leadership election was held following the resignation of Ieuan Wyn Jones after a disappointing showing in the 2003 Assembly elections where the party fell from 17 to 12 seats.[1]

2003 Plaid Cymru leadership election

 2000 8 May 2003 (2003-05-08) – 15 September 2003 (2003-09-15) 2012 
Candidate Ieuan Wyn Jones Helen Mary Jones Rhodri Glyn Thomas
First round 2,078 2,089 1,014
Percentage 40.1% 40.3% 19.6%
Final round 2,603 2,532
Percentage 51.7% 49.3%

Leader before election

Ieuan Wyn Jones

Elected Leader

Ieuan Wyn Jones

Ieuan Wyn Jones had led the party since 2000.

Ieuan Wyn Jones initially resigned but then decided to contest the leadership election, he was challenged by Helen Mary Jones whom he had defeated three years previously, as well as Rhodri Glyn Thomas.

The contest was narrowly won by Ieuan Wyn Jones in the final round with 2,603 votes, against Helen Mary Jones' 2,532.[2][3]


Candidate First round Second round
Votes % Transfers Votes %
Ieuan Wyn Jones2,07840.1 5252,60351.7
Helen Mary Jones2,08940.3 4432,53249.3
Rhodri Glyn Thomas1,01419.6