2004 European Parliament election in Cyprus

The European Parliament election of 2004 in Cyprus was the election of MEPs representing Cyprus constituency for the 2004–2009 term of the European Parliament. It was part of the wider 2004 European election. The vote took place on 13 June.

This was the first time Cypriot voters had elected members of the European Parliament. They were election of the six deputies who would be representing the Republic of Cyprus at the European Parliament. The number of registered voters was 483,311 – out of which 503 were Turkish Cypriots and 2054 EU nationals – while the total number of people who voted was 350.387 or 72,50% of the registered voters. The number of polling stations was 1077, allocated to each polling district in the following manner: Nicosia 416, Limassol 323, Famagusta (Republic of Cyprus-administered area) 50, Larnaca 169 and Paphos 119.

The six seats were contested by 59 candidates, belonging to parties or party coalitions or running as individuals. The conservative Democratic Rally and the left-wing Progressive Party of Working People (AKEL) achieved the largest shares of the vote.


Democratic Rally94,35528.232
Progressive Party of Working People93,21227.892
Democratic Party 57,12117.091
For Europe36,11210.801
Movement for Social Democracy36,07510.790
United Democrats–KPE–European Cyprus6,5341.950
New Horizons 5,5011.650
Ecological and Environmental Movement2,8720.860
Valid votes334,26895.40
Invalid/blank votes16,1194.60
Total votes350,387100.00
Registered voters/turnout483,31172.50
Source: MOI

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