2004 European Parliament election in Latvia

The 2004 European Parliament election in Latvia was the election of MEPs representing Latvia constituency for the 2004-2009 term of the European Parliament. It was part of the wider 2004 European election. The vote took place on 12 June.

2004 European Parliament election in Latvia

12 June 2004 2009 

9 seats to the European Parliament

There were lists of candidates from 16 political parties. with a total of 1019 candidates. The voter turnout was 41.20%, with 574,674 voters casting votes. It was significantly lower than the usual turnout for Latvian parliamentary elections (which has been between 71% and 73% for previous three elections) but higher than the turnout in most of other countries which joined EU together with Latvia in 2004.

The election was conducted according to party-list proportional representation system, with at least 5% of votes necessary to gain seats in the parliament. Out of 16 parties, five won seats in the European parliament. Several parties narrowly missed the 5% threshold.


The elections were a major loss for the coalition government in power, as the three coalition parties together won only 14.2% of popular vote. Tautas Partija was the only coalition party to win a seat.

The winning party Tēvzemei un Brīvībai/LNNK had most votes in 22 of 26 counties and 5 of 7 cities. The exception was Southeast Latvia (Daugavpils, Krāslava and Rezekne districts and cities of Daugavpils and Rēzekne) which were won by the Par Cilvēka Tiesībām Vienotā Latvijā party and Ludza district won by Socialist Party of Latvia, due to large percentage of ethnically Russian voters in this area.

For Fatherland and Freedom/LNNK171,85930.084
New Era Party113,59319.882
For Human Rights in United Latvia61,40110.751
People's Party 38,3246.711
Latvian Way37,7246.601
National Harmony Party27,5064.810
Latvian Social Democratic Workers' Party27,4684.810
Union of Greens and Farmers24,4674.280
Latvia's First Party18,6853.270
United Social Democratic Welfare Party12,8712.250
Conservative Party9,7161.700
Socialist Party of Latvia9,4801.660
Light of Latgale8,4391.480
Christian Democratic Union2,3620.410
Social Democratic Union1,9880.350
Valid votes571,36498.87
Invalid/blank votes6,5171.13
Total votes577,881100.00
Registered voters/turnout1,397,73641.34
Source: CVK, European Elections Database

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