2005 Surinamese general election

General elections were held in Suriname on 25 May 2005. The governing New Front for Democracy and Development of president Ronald Venetiaan lost seats, remaining the largest party but failing to get a majority in the National Assembly of Suriname. Despite this Venetiaan was re-elected as president after obtaining sufficient support to win a majority in the election for president.

2005 Surinamese general election

 2000 25 May 2005 2010 

51 seats in the National Assembly
26 seats needed for a majority
PartyLeader % Seats +/–
NFDO Ronald Venetiaan 41.08 23 -10
NDP Desire Bouterse 23.16 15 +8
VVV Jules Wijdenbosch 14.38 5 New
AC 7.52 5 New
A1 6.11 3 New
This lists parties that won seats. See the complete results below.
Chairman of the National Assembly before Chairman of the National Assembly after
Ram Sardjoe
Paul Somohardjo
Pertjajah Luhur

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