2007 Hong Kong local elections

The 2007 Hong Kong District Council elections were held on 18 November 2007. Elections were held to all 18 districts of Hong Kong, returned 405 members from directly elected constituencies out of total 534 councils member. A total number of 886 candidates contesting in 364 seats, while 41 seats were uncontested. A total number of 1.4 million voters cast their ballots, consisting 38% of the electorate, significantly lower than the last elections in 2003.

2007 Hong Kong local elections

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All Elected Constituencies
405 (of the 534) seats in all 18 Districts Councils
Registered3,295,826 10.84%
Turnout1,148,815 (38.83%) 5.27pp
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Tam Yiu-chung Albert Ho Lau Kong-wah
Party DAB Democratic Civil Force
Alliance Pro-Beijing Pan-democracy Pro-Beijing
Last election 62 seats, 22.94% 95 seats, 21.27% 17 seats, 2.45%
Seats won 115 59 18
Seat change 40 21 3
Popular vote 292,916 175,054 30,880
Percentage 25.73% 15.38% 2.71%
Swing 2.79pp 5.90pp 0.26pp

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
Leader Frederick Fung James Tien Audrey Eu
Party ADPL Liberal Civic
Alliance Pan-democracy Pro-Beijing Pan-democracy
Last election 25 seats, 5.07% 14 seats, 2.77% New party
Seats won 17 14 8
Seat change 7 3 2
Popular vote 52,386 50,026 48,837
Percentage 4.60% 4.39% 4.29%
Swing 0.46pp 1.63pp N/A

  Seventh party Eighth party Ninth party
Leader Wong Yuk-man Leung Yiu-chung Emily Lau
Party LSD NWSC Frontier
Alliance Pan-democracy Pan-democracy Pan-democracy
Last election New party 4 seats, 1.35% 6 seats, 2.41%
Seats won 6 4 3
Seat change 3
Popular vote 28,601 12,565 18,203
Percentage 2.51% 1.10% 1.60%
Swing N/A 0.24pp 0.81pp

Map of the winning party by constituency

The pro-Beijing flagship party Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong (DAB) received the largest victory in its history, rebounding their loss from the 2003 with extra gain, taking total number of 115 seats, compared to 62 seats in the 2003 elections. The pan-democrats suffered a devastating loss, with its electoral coalition winning only about a hundred seats out of almost 300 candidates. The pro-democracy flagship party Democratic Party was beaten in every region especially in Kowloon, losing almost half of the seats as compared to the 2003 elections.

As a result, the pan-democrats lost control of their two traditional strongholds, Sham Shui Po and Kwai Tsing with the help of the pro-government members appointed by Chief Executive Donald Tsang to the District Councils.