2008 UEFA Cup Final riots

The 2008 UEFA Cup Final riots were a series of public disorder incidents that took place in Manchester, England, on the day of the 2008 UEFA Cup Final. Serious disorder was allegedly sparked by the failure of a big screen erected in Piccadilly Gardens to transmit the match to thousands of Rangers fans who had travelled to the city without tickets. Greater Manchester Police reported that a "minority" of the [2] 200,000 visiting Rangers' fans were involved in the violence;[3] while Detective Superintendent Geoff Wessell, of Greater Manchester Police, stressed that a "very, very low proportion" of the travelling Rangers fans had been involved in disorder.[4] In addition to property damage, fifteen policemen were injured and ambulance crews attended 52 cases of assault.[5] A Manchester City Council inquiry into the events estimated that over 200,000 Rangers fans visited Manchester for the match, with 39 fans were arrested for a range of offences across the city, while 38 complaints were received about the conduct of Greater Manchester Police officers. The report however said that the 37,000 Rangers fans inside the City of Manchester Stadium were extremely well behaved and good humoured – a credit to their football club..[6][1]

2008 UEFA Cup Final riots
Part of the history of Manchester and the 2007–08 UEFA Cup

Officers of the Greater Manchester Police keep Rangers and Zenit fans apart
Date14 May 2008
Result 39 policemen injured, one police-dog injured and 39 arrests[1]
Zenit hooligans Rangers hooligans Greater Manchester Police

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