2009 European Parliament election in Luxembourg

The 2009 European Parliament election in Luxembourg was the election of the delegation from Luxembourg to the European Parliament in 2009. It was held on the same day as the elections to the national legislature, the Chamber of Deputies.

2009 European Parliament election in Luxembourg

 2004 7 June 2009 2014 

6 seats to the European Parliament
  First party Second party
Leader Jean-Claude Juncker Jean Asselborn
Last election 3 seats, 37.1% 1 seat, 19.49%
Seats won 3 1
Seat change
Popular vote 353,094 219,349
Percentage 31.36% 19.48%

  Third party Fourth party
Leader Claude Meisch Sam Tanson and Christian Kmiotek
Party DP Greens
Last election 1 seat, 14.9% 1 seat, 15%
Seats won 1 1
Seat change
Popular vote 210,107 189,523
Percentage 18.66% 16.83%


The election was contested by the same eight parties that contested the simultaneous election to the Chamber. These included the seven parties that ran in the 2004 election: Christian Social People's Party (CSV), Luxembourg Socialist Workers' Party (LSAP), the Greens, the Democratic Party (DP), the Alternative Democratic Reform Party (ADR), the Left, and the Communist Party (KPL). The addition for the 2009 election is the Citizens' List, which was led by current independent deputy Aly Jaerling.

List # Party European Party Current
1 Communist Party (KPL) 0
2 Greens European Green Party 1
3 Alternative Democratic Reform Party (ADR) Alliance for Europe of the Nations 0
4 Luxembourg Socialist Workers' Party (LSAP) Party of European Socialists 1
5 Democratic Party (DP) Liberal Democrat and Reform Party 1
6 The Left European Left 0
7 Christian Social People's Party (CSV) European People's Party 3
8 Citizens' List 0


Christian Social People's Party353,09431.3630
Luxembourg Socialist Workers' Party219,34919.4810
Democratic Party210,10718.6610
The Greens189,52316.8310
Alternative Democratic Reform Party83,1687.3900
The Left37,9293.3700
Communist Party of Luxembourg17,3041.5400
Citizens' List15,5581.380New
Valid votes198,36490.82
Invalid/blank votes20,0599.18
Total votes218,423100.00
Registered voters/turnout240,66990.76
Source: Public.lu