2009 Mahoran status referendum

A referendum on becoming an overseas department of France was held in Mayotte on 29 March 2009. Mayotte had been a departmental collectivity of France since 2001. In contrast to the four other similar regions (Guadeloupe, Martinique, Réunion and French Guiana), Mayotte would not have become an Overseas department (DOM) or an Overseas region (ROM), but would only have had a single assembly; the four other existing DOM/ROM will have the option of changing their status to this format as well.[1]

As a result of the yes vote, Mayotte became the 101st French department in 2011, and the first with a population overwhelmingly of the Muslim faith.[2]

The move has been opposed by the African Union and Comoros, who claim it is "occupation by a foreign power" and several protests have been held in Moroni, capital of Comoros.[3][4] The Comoran vice-president said the vote was a "declaration of war".[5]