2010 Labour Party leadership election (UK)

The 2010 Labour Party leadership election was triggered by a general election which resulted in a hung parliament; the first since 1974. The previous Labour leader, Gordon Brown, resigned as Leader of the Labour Party on 10 May and as Prime Minister on 11 May, following the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats forming a coalition government.[1] The National Executive Committee decided the timetable for the election the result of which would be announced at the annual party conference.[2][3] On 25 September 2010, Ed Miliband became the new Leader of the Labour Party.[4]

2010 Labour Party leadership election
 2007 16 August – 25 September 2010 (2010-08-16 2010-09-25) 2015 
Candidate Ed Miliband David Miliband Ed Balls
First round 34.3% 37.8% 11.8%
Final round 50.7% 49.3% Eliminated

Candidate Andy Burnham Diane Abbott
First round 8.7% 7.4%
Final round Eliminated Eliminated

Leader before election

Harriet Harman (acting)
Gordon Brown

Elected Leader

Ed Miliband