2010 Solomon Islands general election

A general election was held in Solomon Islands on 4 August 2010.[1][2] In May 2010, Prime Minister Derek Sikua announced that the election would be held on 4 August;[3] however, this announcement was deemed to be premature, as only the Governor General has the authority to announce the election date upon the advice of the Electoral Commission.[4] In the end, this date was used, however.

2010 Solomon Islands general election

 2006 4 August 2010 2014 

All 50 seats to the National Parliament
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Steve Abana Manasseh Sogavare Danny Philip
Party Democratic Party OUR Party Reformed Democratic Party
Last election 5 seats new party new party
Seats won 13 3 3
Seat change +8 +3 +3

Prime Minister before election

Derek Sikua
Liberal Party

Subsequent Prime Minister

Danny Philip
Reformed Democratic Party