2010 Ukrainian presidential election

Presidential elections were held in Ukraine on 17 January 2010. As no candidate received a majority of the vote, a run-off was held between Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and opposition leader Viktor Yanukovych followed on 7 February.

2010 Ukrainian presidential election

 2004 17 January 2010 (first round)
7 February 2010 (second round)
Nominee Viktor Yanukovych Yulia Tymoshenko
Party Party of Regions Batkivshchyna
Popular vote 12,481,266 11,593,357
Percentage 48.95% 45.47%

Results of the February 7 run-off.

President before election

Viktor Yushchenko
Our Ukraine

Elected President

Viktor Yanukovych
Party of Regions

On 14 February Yanukovych was declared President-elect and winner with 48.95% of the popular vote. According to Article 104 of Ukraine's Constitution, the President had to be sworn into office within 30 days of the official declaration of the results.[1] Parliament subsequently scheduled Yanukovych's inauguration for 25 February.[2]

On 17 February, the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine suspended the results following an appeal by Tymoshenko. The court suspended the Central Election Commission's ruling that announced that Yanukovych won the election, but did not postpone or cancel his inauguration.[3][4][5] On 20 February, Tymoshenko withdrew her appeal.[6]