2011 Hong Kong local elections

The 2011 Hong Kong District Council elections were held on 6 November 2011. Elections were held to all 18 District Councils of Hong Kong, returning 412 members from directly elected constituencies, each selecting a council member.[1] After the government's constitutional reform package was passed in 2010, five new seats in the Legislative Council would be created in which the candidates would be nominated by all District Councillors.

2011 Hong Kong local elections

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All Elected Constituencies
412 (of the 507) seats in all 18 Districts Councils
Registered3,560,535 8.03%
Turnout1,202,544 (41.49%) 2.66pp
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Tam Yiu-chung Albert Ho Bruce Liu
Party DAB Democratic ADPL
Alliance Pro-Beijing Pan-democracy Pan-democracy
Last election 115 seats, 25.73% 59 seats, 15.38% 17 seats, 4.60%
Seats won 136 47 15
Seat change 16 3 2
Popular vote 282,119 205,716 45,453
Percentage 23.89% 17.42% 3.85%
Swing 1.84pp 2.04pp 0.75pp

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
Leader Ho Hau-cheung Cheng Yiu-tong Miriam Lau
Party Civil Force FTU Liberal
Alliance Pro-Beijing Pro-Beijing Pro-Beijing
Last election 18 seats, 2.71% 1 seat, 0.37% 14 seats, 4.39%
Seats won 15 11 9
Seat change 3 7 3
Popular vote 35,221 36,646 23,408
Percentage 2.98% 3.10% 1.98%
Swing 0.27pp 2.73pp 2.41pp

  Seventh party Eighth party Ninth party
Leader Gary Fan
and others
Alan Leong Leung Yiu-chung
Party Neo Democrats Civic NWSC
Alliance Pan-democracy Pan-democracy Pan-democracy
Last election New party 8 seats, 4.29% 4 seats, 1.10%
Seats won 8 7 5
Seat change 5 2
Popular vote 25,437 47,603 14,364
Percentage 2.15% 4.03% 1.22%
Swing N/A 0.26pp 0.11pp

Map of the winning party by constituency

The pro-Beijing camp continued its success in this election and controlled all 18 District Councils. The pro-Beijing flagship party Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong (DAB) remained the biggest winner by taking 136 seats, far ahead of the pan-democracy flagship party Democratic Party's 47 seats. The Democratic Party faced challenges from radical democratic party People Power which campaigned against the Democratic Party and Association for Democracy and People's Livelihood (ADPL) which supported the government's constitutional reform package in 2010. The People Power filled 62 candidates, most of them stood against the Democratic Party and ADPL candidates, including Democratic Party chairman Albert Ho and ADPL former chairman Frederick Fung.

Albert Ho and Frederick Fung were able to retain their seats, but other pan-democrat heavyweights who tried to gain seats in the District Councils in order to run in the new constituency in next year's Legislative Council election, including Tanya Chan, Ronny Tong and Lee Cheuk-yan, lost their bids to relatively unknown local councillors.