2011 NACAC Cross Country Championships

The 2011 NACAC Cross Country Championships was the seventh edition of the continental cross country running competition which took place on February 19 at Queen's Park Savannah in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. A total of 166 athletes took part in the event, hailing from a record high of 20 nations within the North America, Central America and Caribbean region.[1]

2011 NACAC Cross Country Championships
DateFebruary 19
Host cityPort of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
VenueQueen's Park Savannah
Distances8 km – Senior men
6 km – Junior men (U20)
6 km – Senior women
4 km – Junior women (U20)
Participation118 athletes from
19 nations

The competition featured four races: an 8 km senior men's race, a 6 km senior women's race, a 6 km junior (under-20s) men's race and a 4 km junior women's race.[2] The course for the championships followed a 2-kilometer grassy loop and was relatively flat throughout.[3] Kenyan-born runner Robert Cheseret won the senior men's gold for the United States and also led the Americans to the team title. Canadian Kathryn Harrison secured the senior women's title, but the United States took the overall senior women's gold medals. Ross Proudfoot led a Canadian sweep of the medals in the junior men's race, while American Chelsea Orr was the junior women's gold medalist.[1]


Complete results were published.[4][5][6][7]


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Senior men's 8 km  Robert Cheseret (USA)23:43 min  Cameron Levins (CAN)23:46 min  Colin Leak (USA)23:51 min
Senior women's 6 km  Kathryn Harrison (CAN)20:19 min  Megan Duwell (USA)20:22 min  Kim Conley (USA)20:24 min
Junior men's 6 km  Ross Proudfoot (CAN)18:27 min  Connor Darlington (CAN)18:29 min  Paul Janikowski (CAN)18:29 min
Junior women's 4 km  Chelsea Orr (USA)13:54 min  Fiona Benson (CAN)14:00 min  Maria Bernard (CAN)14:02 min


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Senior men's 8 km  United States (USA)15 pts  Canada (CAN)37 pts  Trinidad and Tobago (TRI)86 pts
Senior women's 6 km  United States (USA)14 pts  Canada (CAN)30 pts  Trinidad and Tobago (TRI)68 pts
Junior men's 6 km  Canada (CAN)12 pts  United States (USA)37 pts  Puerto Rico (PUR)56 pts
Junior women's 4 km  Canada (CAN)15 pts  United States (USA)30 pts  Puerto Rico (PUR)61 pts

Medal table (unofficial)

  *   Host nation (Trinidad and Tobago)

1 Canada45211
2 United States4329
3 Puerto Rico0022
Totals (3 nations)88622
  • Note: Totals include both individual and team medals, with medals in the team competition counting as one medal.


According to an unofficial count, 121 athletes from 19 countries participated.

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