2014 Budapest mayoral election

The 2014 Budapest mayoral election was held on 12 October 2014 to elect the Mayor of Budapest (főpolgármester). On the same day, local elections were held throughout Hungary, including the districts of Budapest. The election was run using a First-past-the-post voting system. In contrast with previous elections where the Mayor served a 4-year term, the winner of this election served for 5 years.

2014 Budapest mayoral election

 2010 12 Oct 2014 2019 
Candidate István Tarlós Lajos Bokros
Party Fidesz–KDNP MoMa
Vote 290 675 213 550
Percentage 49.06% 36.04%

Candidate Gábor Staudt Antal Csárdi
Party Jobbik LMP
Vote 42 093 33 689
Percentage 7.10% 5.69%

Mayor before election

István Tarlós

Elected Mayor

István Tarlós

The election was won by incumbent Mayor, and the governing parties' candidate, István Tarlós.


Originally, the left-wing opposition, which ran united in the parliamentary elections of April, selected Ferenc Falus, a hospital director nominated by the Together (Együtt) party as its candidate. After bad polling, and campaign mistakes (including an Ice Bucket Challenge video),[1] Falus withdrew on 29 September and endorsed minor party candidate and former Minister of Finance Lajos Bokros.


2014 Budapest mayoral election[2]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Fidesz–KDNP István Tarlós 290 675 49.06% -4.31%
MoMa Lajos Bokros 213 550 36.04% N/A
Jobbik Gábor Staudt 42 093 7.10% -0.17%
LMP Antal Csárdi 33 689 5.69% -4.2%
Liberals Zoltán Bodnár 12 461 2.1% N/A
Total votes '592 468' '100.0%'
Fidesz–KDNP hold