2014 European Parliament election in Luxembourg

The 2014 European Parliament election in Luxembourg was held as part of the wider 2014 European Parliament elections. The Christian Social People's Party won three of Luxembourg's six seats.


Christian Social People's Party441,57837.6630
The Greens176,07315.0210
Democratic Party173,25514.7810
Luxembourg Socialist Workers' Party137,50411.7310
Alternative Democratic Reform Party88,2987.5300
The Left67,5445.7600
Pirate Party Luxembourg49,5534.230New
Party for Full Democracy21,3031.820New
Communist Party of Luxembourg17,5061.4900
Valid votes203,77290.08
Invalid/blank votes22,4469.92
Total votes226,218100.00
Registered voters/turnout264,43385.55
Source: Public.lu

Elected members