2015 Hong Kong local elections

The 2015 Hong Kong District Council elections were held on 22 November 2015.[1] Elections were held to all 18 District Councils with returning 431 members from directly elected constituencies after all appointed seats had been abolished.

2015 Hong Kong local elections

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All Elected Constituencies
431 (of the 458) seats in all 18 Districts Councils
Registered3,693,942 3.75%
Turnout1,467,229 (47.01%) 5.52pp
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Starry Lee Emily Lau Lam Shuk-yee
Party DAB Democratic FTU
Alliance Pro-Beijing Pan-democracy Pro-Beijing
Last election 136 seats, 23.89% 47 seats, 17.42% 11 seats, 3.10%
Seats won 119 43 27
Seat change 1 2
Popular vote 309,262 196,068 88,292
Percentage 21.39% 13.56% 6.11%
Swing 2.50pp 3.86pp 3.01pp

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
Leader Regina Ip Bruce Liu Chan King-ming
and others
Party NPP ADPL Neo Democrats
Alliance Pro-Beijing Pan-democracy Pan-democracy
Last election 19 seats, 4.30% 15 seats, 3.85% 8 seats, 2.15%
Seats won 26 18 15
Seat change 1 2 8
Popular vote 75,793 55,275 42,148
Percentage 5.24% 3.82% 2.92%
Swing 0.94pp 0.03pp 0.77pp

  Seventh party Eighth party Ninth party
Leader Alan Leong Andrew Leung Vincent Fang
Party Civic BPA Liberal
Alliance Pan-democracy Pro-Beijing Pro-Beijing
Last election 7 seats, 4.03% New party 9 seats, 1.98%
Seats won 10 10 9
Seat change 3 4 1
Popular vote 52,346 27,452 25,157
Percentage 3.62% 1.90% 1.74%
Swing 0.41pp N/A 0.24pp

Map of the winning party by constituency

A record-breaking 1.4 million voters, or 47 per cent of the registered voters, went to cast their votes. The pro-Beijing camp retained its control of all 18 councils with the Beijing-loyalist party Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong (DAB) maintained the largest party far ahead of other parties. The pan-democrats failed to seize control of the Kwai Tsing District Council, a traditional stronghold of the pan-democrats.

Both sides lost their heavyweight incumbent Legislative Councillors. Albert Ho of the Democratic Party and Frederick Fung of the Hong Kong Association for Democracy and People's Livelihood (ADPL) who were both elected through District Council (Second) constituency lost their seats while Civic Party's Kenneth Chan failed to take a seat in the Southern District. DAB's incumbent legislators Christopher Chung and Elizabeth Quat both lost their seats to pro-democracy newcomers in which Chung lost his long hold seat to a relatively unknown "umbrella soldier" Chui Chi-kin.

Activists in the 2014 Occupy protests, who are dubbed the "umbrella soldiers", had better-than-expected results with eight of them winning a seat by beating some incumbents.[2] The pan-democrat Neo Democrats became the best performers in the election, winning 15 out of their 16 bids and doubled their seats from 7 to 15 seats.