2016 Bulgarian presidential election

Presidential elections were held in Bulgaria on 6 November 2016,[1] alongside a referendum on changes to the electoral system and political party funding. The second round was held on 13 November 2016, resulting in the victory of Rumen Radev.

2016 Bulgarian presidential election

 2011 6 November 2016 (first round)
13 November 2016 (second round)
Turnout56.28% (first round)
50.44% (second round)
Nominee Rumen Radev Tsetska Tsacheva
Party Independent GERB
Running mate Iliana Iotova Plamen Manushev
Popular vote 2,063,032 1,256,485
Percentage 59.37% 36.16%

President before election

Rosen Plevneliev

Elected President

Rumen Radev