2016 London Assembly election

The 2016 London Assembly election was an election held on 5 May 2016[1] to elect the members of the London Assembly. It took place on the same day as the London mayoral election[2] and the United Kingdom local elections. Four parties had AMs in the previous Assembly: London Labour led by Len Duvall, London Conservatives led by Gareth Bacon, London Greens led by Siân Berry, and the London Liberal Democrats led by Caroline Pidgeon.

2016 London Assembly election
 2012 5 May 2016 2021 

All 25 seats in the London Assembly
13 seats needed for a majority
Turnout45.6% Increase 8.1%
  First party Second party Third party
Len Duvall
Gareth Bacon
Siân Berry
Leader Len Duvall Gareth Bacon Siân Berry
Party Labour Conservative Green
Leader's seat Greenwich and Lewisham Bexley and Bromley Londonwide
Last election 12 seats 9 seats 2 seats
Seats won 12 8 2
Seat change Steady Decrease1 Steady
Constituency Vote 1,138,576 812,415 236,809
 % and swing 43.5% Increase1.2% 31.1% Decrease1.6% 9.1% Increase0.5%
Regional Vote 1,054,801 764,230 207,959
 % and swing 40.3% Decrease0.8% 29.2% Decrease2.8% 8.0% Decrease0.6%

  Fourth party Fifth party
Peter Whittle
Caroline Pidgeon
Leader Peter Whittle Caroline Pidgeon
Party UKIP Liberal Democrats
Leader's seat Londonwide Londonwide
Last election 0 seats 2 seats
Seats won 2 1
Seat change Increase2 Decrease1
Constituency Vote 199,448 195,820
 % and swing 7.6% Increase3.3% 7.5% Decrease1.3%
Regional Vote 171,069 165,580
 % and swing 6.5% Increase2.0% 6.3% Decrease0.5%

The left side shows constituency winners of the election by their party colours. The right side shows regional winners of the election for the additional members by their party colours.

Labour received the largest number of votes ever cast for a party in a London Assembly election, becoming the first party to poll over 1 million votes. Although they gained Merton and Wandsworth from the Conservatives, their regional vote share declined by 0.8%, and they finished with 12 AMs, the same as in 2012. The Conservative Party won just 8 Assembly seats, its worst-ever performance in a London Assembly election. The Green Party retained its 2 Assembly members, although its 8.0% share of the regional vote represented its worst-ever result, and UKIP returned to the London Assembly for the first time since the election of 2004. The Liberal Democrats elected just 1 AM, their worst-ever result.

Of the minor parties, the newly formed Women's Equality Party was the most successful, attracting 91,772 votes (3.51%) on the regional list, which did not entitle them to any Assembly members as the threshold for representation is 5% of the regional vote. No other party polled above 2%.

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