2016 Serbian local elections

Local elections were held in most cities and municipalities of Serbia (excluding the disputed territory of Kosovo)[lower-alpha 1] on 24 April 2016, with repeat voting later taking place in some jurisdictions. The elections were held concurrently with the 2016 Serbian parliamentary election and the 2016 Vojvodina provincial election.

Elections were not held for the City Assembly of Belgrade, as its members were elected on a different four-year cycle (although local assembly elections were held in the City of Belgrade's constituent municipalities). Some other cities and municipalities also did not hold local elections in 2020, for the same reason.

All local elections in Serbia are held under proportional representation. Mayors are not directly elected but are instead chosen by elected members of the local assemblies. Parties were required to cross a five per cent electoral threshold to win representation in the local assembles in 2016, although this requirement was waived for parties representing national minority communities.

The Serbian Progressive Party's coalition, which won majority victories at the republic and provincial levels, also won most of the local elections.