2017 Kosovan parliamentary election

Parliamentary elections were held in Kosovo on 11 June 2017.[1]

2017 Kosovan parliamentary election

 2014 11 June 2017 2019 

All 120 seats in the Assembly of Kosovo
61 seats needed for a majority
Turnout41.16% (1.47%)
Party Leader % Seats ±
PANA Ramush Haradinaj 33.74% 39 -15
Vetëvendosje Albin Kurti 27.49% 32 +16
LAA Avdullah Hoti 25.53% 29 -1
Serb List Goran Rakić 6.12% 9 0
KDTP Mahir Yağcılar 1.08% 2 0
Vakat 0.89% 2 0
NDS 0.49% 1 0
SLS Slobodan Petrović 0.49% 1 +1
PDAK Danush Ademi 0.33% 1 0
PLE Isuf Berisha 0.33% 1 0
JGP 0.33% 1 New
PAI 0.29% 1 0
PREBK Albert Kinolli 0.13% 1 +1
This lists parties that won seats. See the complete results below.
Results by each municipality;
Prime Minister before Appointed Prime Minister
Isa Mustafa
Ramush Haradinaj


The elections were triggered by a motion of no confidence in the government of Prime Minister Isa Mustafa on 10 May 2017 by a vote of 78–34.[2] The motion had been proposed by the Social Democratic Initiative over government failures to meet their campaign promises.[2] The constitution requires fresh elections to be held by 18 June 2017.

Electoral system

The 120 members of the Assembly are elected by open list proportional representation, with 20 seats reserved for national minorities.[3]

Parties and coalitions

Party Candidate for Prime Minister
PAN Coalition Ramush Haradinaj
Lëvizja VetëvendosjeAlbin Kurti
LAA Coalition Avdullah Hoti
Serbian parties (10 seats reserved)
Serb List
Independent Liberal Party (SLS)
Progressive Democratic Party (PDS)
PSK-AGI coalition
Other minority parties (10 seats reserved)
VAKAT coalition
SDA-BSDAK coalition
Unique Gorani Party (JGP)
Partia e Ashkalinjëve për Integrim (PAI)
Partia Demokratike e Ashkanlive të Kosovës (PDAK)
Kosovaki Nevi Romani Partia (KNRP)
Pokret za Gora (PG)

Opinion polls

Pollster Date PDK coalition LDK coalition Vetëvendosje Fjala Party Serbian parties Other parties Undecided Abstention Lead
SDR 7 June 201734.2%40.4%25.4%6.2%
Beta 6 June 201733.8%32.5%27.8%5.9%1.3%
Hulumtime “Alternativa” 2 June 201746%27%21%6%19%
Kantar TNS Index Kosova 31 May 201743%27%29%1%16%
Armend Muja 29 May 201741.8%30.9%16.9%5.1%5.3%10.9%
Instituti për Hulumtime dhe Analiza Sociale 28 May 201740.8%30.2%19.5%2.7%6.8%10.6%
Indeksonline25 May 201740.3%22.1%16.3%3.9%14.1%18.2%


PAN Coalition245,64633.7439–15
LAA Coalition185,89225.5329–1
Serb List44,5786.1290
Turkish Democratic Party of Kosovo7,8521.0820
Vakat Coalition6,4440.8920
New Democratic Party3,5610.4910
Independent Liberal Party3,5390.491+1
Democratic Ashkali Party of Kosovo2,4240.3310
Egyptian Liberal Party2,4150.3310
Unique Gorani Party2,3690.331New
Kosovo Serb Party–Active2,1230.290New
Ashkali Party for Integration2,1070.2910
Progressive Democratic Party1,6970.230–1
New Democratic Initiative of Kosovo1,5200.2100
Turkish Justice Party of Kosovo1,4380.2000
SDA Coalition1,3550.1900
Movement for Gora1,0200.1400
United Roma Party of Kosovo9550.131+1
Kosovar New Romani Party9500.130–1
Coalition for Gora8130.110–1
Partia Demokratike e Unitetit4780.070New
For a Prosperous Kosovo3120.040New
Eromendje Alternativa2440.030New
Napredna Snaga Kosova2260.030New
Valid votes728,08793.69
Invalid/blank votes49,0066.31
Total votes777,093100.00
Registered voters/turnout1,888,05941.16
Source: KQZ, KQZ, KQZ


No party obtained enough seats to form government alone. However, PDK coalition leader Ramush Haradinaj stated that he has the necessary votes to form a government, counting on the 39 seats of his coalition, the 20 seats of the ethnic minorities and some members of the LDK coalition.[4]

After several unsuccessful attempts to elect a new Chairman of the Assembly and a new Prime Minister, on 4 August Behgjet Pacolli announced the AKR's withdrawal from the coalition with the LDK and the formation of a government pact with the PAN Coalition.[5] As a result, the AKR was promised several ministries in the new government, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Land Management, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Economic Development.[6] The PAN Coalition announced that two LDK deputies, Ukë Rugova and Dardan Gashi, would also join the government.[7]

Finally on September 9 the new government was voted, and Ramush Haradinaj was elected new prime minister with 61 votes in favor. This votes include Ramush Haradinaj pre-election coalition PANA Coalition, AKR, the national minorities and the Serbian list. The new government include 21 ministers includes ethnic Albanians, Bosniaks, Turks and Serbs.


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