2018 Finnish presidential election

Presidential elections were held in Finland on 28 January 2018.[1] The incumbent Sauli Niinistö received 62.7% of the vote and was elected for a second term, avoiding a second round.[2] The term will be from 1 February 2018 to 1 March 2024. Although the President is elected by direct election, Niinistö gained a plurality in all municipalities and a majority in all but 13 municipalities.[3]

2018 Finnish presidential election

 2012 28 January 2018 2024 
Candidate Sauli Niinistö Pekka Haavisto
Party Independent (NCP) Green League
Popular vote 1,875,342 371,254
Percentage 62.7% 12.4%

Candidate Laura Huhtasaari Paavo Väyrynen
Party Finns Independent
Popular vote 207,337 185,305
Percentage 6.9% 6.2%

President before election

Sauli Niinistö
National Coalition

Elected President

Sauli Niinistö