2018 London local elections

The 2018 London local elections took place in London on 3 May 2018 as part of wider local elections in England. All London borough councillor seats were up for election. Elections to the Corporation of London were held in 2017. Mayoral contests were also held in Hackney, Lewisham, Newham and Tower Hamlets. The previous London borough elections were in 2014.

2018 London local elections
 2014 3 May 2018 2022 

All 1,833 councillors on all 32 London boroughs
and 4 directly-elected mayors
  First party Second party
Leader Sadiq Khan Gareth Bacon
Party Labour Conservative
Popular vote 1,076,617 707,373
Percentage 43.9% 28.8%
Swing Increase6.3% Increase2.4%
Councils 21 7
Councils +/– Increase1 Decrease2
Councillors 1,128 508
Councillors +/– Increase67* Decrease92*

  Third party Fourth party
Leader Caroline Pidgeon Siân Berry
Party Liberal Democrats Green
Popular vote 320,031 211,170
Percentage 13.0% 8.6%
Swing Increase2.4% Decrease1.2%
Councils 3 0
Councils +/– Increase2 Steady
Councillors 152 11
Councillors +/– Increase34* Increase7*

Map showing London borough councils by political control following the elections, as shown in the main table of results. Black denotes no overall control.

*Due to boundary changes, these seat change figures are notional changes calculated by the BBC, and so will not precisely match up with the results of the 2014 London local elections.

The results saw the London Labour Party achieve their best result in over 45 years, winning 44% of the vote, 1,128 councillors and control of 21 councils. This represented the party's second-best result in a London local election, only surpassed slightly by its 1971 total. The London Conservatives, by contrast, lost 92 seats to finish with 508 councillors, its lowest-ever tally of seats in a London local election. However, it retained control of 7 councils, having lost two to the London Liberal Democrats. The party's vote share increased by 2%, but at 28.8%, it was still the second-worst popular vote total for the Conservatives in the history of the London Boroughs. The London Liberal Democrats made a recovery from their all-time low in the 2014 election, gaining 34 council seats and winning two councils from the Conservatives. Among the other parties, the London Green Party was the most successful, winning a total of 11 council seats, just below their all-time high of 12 in the 2006 election. Support for the UK Independence Party collapsed, with the party losing all of its seats and dropping from 9.5% of the vote to 0.9%. The only other parties to win seats were the People's Alliance of Tower Hamlets (1 seat) and the Harold Hill Independent Party (1 seat).

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