2019 European Parliament election in Luxembourg

Elections for the 2019 European Parliament election in Luxembourg were held on 26 May 2019. Ten parties contested the election for Luxembourg's six seats in the European Parliament.[1]

European Parliament election in Luxembourg, 2019

 2014 26 May 2019 2024 

All 6 Luxembourgish seats to the European Parliament
  First party Second party
Party DP CSV
Alliance ALDE EPP
Last election 1 seat, 14.8% 3 seats, 37.7%
Seats won 2 2
Seat change 1 1
Percentage 21.4% 21.1%
Swing 6.6% 16.6%

  Third party Fourth party
Party Greens LSAP
Alliance Green PES
Last election 1 seat, 15.0% 1 seat, 11.8%
Seats won 1 1
Seat change 0 0
Percentage 18.9% 12.2%
Swing 3.9% 0.4%

The Democratic Party won the highest percentage of the vote with 21.4 %. These elections were first, in which this party managed to lead in Luxembourg-wide elections. Also these elections were the first, in which the Christian Social People's Party lost to the Democratic Party in Luxembourg-wide elections.

Electoral system

The six representatives to the European Parliament are elected in a single constituency, similar to in elections for the Chamber of Deputies. Each voter could either select a party list or distribute six votes (with up to two to a single candidate), with the final seat tally calculated by a Hagenbach-Bischoff quota.

In addition to Luxembourgish citizens, voting was open to European Union citizens resident in Luxembourg. Voting is compulsory for all eligible enrolled voters who are under 75 years of age.[2]


Democratic Party268,91021.442+1
Christian Social People's Party264,66521.102–1
The Greens237,21518.9110
Luxembourg Socialist Workers' Party152,90012.1910
Alternative Democratic Reform Party125,98810.0400
Pirate Party Luxembourg96,5797.7000
The Left60,6484.8300
Volt Europa26,4832.110New
Communist Party of Luxembourg14,3231.1400
The Conservatives6,6520.530New
Valid votes217,08690.44
Invalid/blank votes22,9589.56
Total votes240,044100.00
Registered voters/turnout285,43584.10
Source: Government of Luxembourg