2019 Finnish parliamentary election

Parliamentary elections were held in Finland on 14 April 2019.[5] For the first time, no party received more than 20% of the vote. The Centre Party, which had been the largest party following the 2015 elections lost 18 seats as it recorded its lowest vote share since 1917 and dropped to fourth place, with the Social Democratic Party seeing the biggest gains, winning an additional six seats and narrowly becoming the largest party for the first time since 1999. The Green League and the Left Alliance also gained five and four seats respectively.

2019 Finnish parliamentary election

 2015 14 April 2019 next 

All 200 seats in Parliament
101 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Antti Rinne Jussi Halla-aho Petteri Orpo[1]
Party Social Democratic Finns National Coalition
Leader since 9 May 2014 10 June 2017 11 June 2016
Leader's seat Uusimaa Helsinki Finland Proper
Last election 34 seats, 16.5% 38 seats, 17.7% 37 seats, 18.2%
Seats won 40 39 38
Seat change 6 1 1
Popular vote 546,471 538,805 523,957
Percentage 17.73% 17.48% 17.00%
Swing 1.23pp 0.22pp 1.20pp

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
Leader Juha Sipilä Pekka Haavisto Li Andersson[2]
Party Centre Green League Left Alliance
Leader since 9 June 2012 3 November 2018 6 June 2016
Leader's seat Oulu Helsinki Finland Proper
Last election 49 seats, 21.1% 15 seats, 8.5% 12 seats, 7.1%
Seats won 31 20 16
Seat change 18 5 4
Popular vote 423,920 354,194 251,808
Percentage 13.76% 11.49% 8.17%
Swing 7.34pp 2.99pp 1.07pp

  Seventh party Eighth party Ninth party
Leader Anna-Maja Henriksson[3] Sari Essayah[4] Harry Harkimo
Party Swedish People's Christian Democrat Movement Now
Leader since 12 June 2016 29 August 2015 21 April 2018
Leader's seat Vaasa Savonia-Karelia Uusimaa
Last election 9 seats, 4.9% 5 seats, 3.5%
Seats won 9 5 1
Seat change 0 0 New
Popular vote 139,640 120,144 69,427
Percentage 4.53% 3.90% 2.25%
Swing 0.37pp 0.40pp New

Prime Minister before election

Juha Sipilä

Elected Prime Minister

Antti Rinne
Social Democratic

The Finns Party and the National Coalition Party also gained one seat each, with the Finns Party recovering the seats it had lost in the previous parliament when 21 of its MPs left to form Blue Reform, which failed to win a seat. The Swedish People's Party and the Christian Democrats retained all of their seats that they had won in the previous elections. The Åland Coalition retained their seat in the Åland Islands, whilst Harry Harkimo, a former National Coalition MP who founded Movement Now twelve months earlier, was reelected in his constituency, thus giving his own movement its first elected MP.

Social Democratic Party leader Antti Rinne subsequently formed a coalition government with the Centre Party, Green League, Left Alliance and Swedish People's Party. Due to the Centre Party's devastating defeat, Prime Minister Juha Sipilä consequently announced that he would continue as the chairman only until the party's next convention in September 2019.[6]