2019 Kosovan parliamentary election

Parliamentary elections were held in Kosovo on 6 October 2019. The main opposition parties received the most votes, led by Vetëvendosje and the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK). Vetëvendosje leader Albin Kurti became Prime Minister, forming a governing coalition with the LDK on an anti-corruption platform. He is the second Prime Minister not to have been a fighter of the Kosovo Liberation Army during the 1990s.

2019 Kosovan parliamentary election

 2017 6 October 2019 2021 

All 120 seats in the Assembly
61 seats needed for a majority
Turnout44.59% (3.43%)
Party Leader % Seats ±
Vetëvendosje Albin Kurti 26.27% 29 -3
LDK Vjosa Osmani 24.55% 28 +5
PDK Kadri Veseli 21.23% 24 +1
AAKPSD Ramush Haradinaj 11.51% 13 +3
Serb List Goran Rakić 6.40% 10 +1
NISMAAKRPD Fatmir Limaj 5.00% 6 -4
Vakat Rasim Demiri 0.84% 2 0
KDTP Mahir Yağcılar 0.81% 2 0
PLE Veton Beriša 0.58% 1 0
NDS Emilija Redžepi 0.47% 1 0
PAI Etem Arifi 0.37% 1 0
IRDK Elbert Krasniqi 0.21 1 +1
JGP Adem Hodža 0.14 1 0
PREBK Albert Kinolli 0.13 1 0
This lists parties that won seats. See the complete results below.
Results by each municipality;
Prime Minister before Appointed Prime Minister
Ramush Haradinaj
Albin Kurti


On 19 July 2019 Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj resigned after being summoned for questioning by the KSC in The Hague, Netherlands.[1] The constitution requires the President to designate a new candidate to either form a government, or hold new elections in between 30 and 45 days after consultation with political parties or coalitions who hold a majority in the Assembly.

On 2 August 2019, President Hashim Thaçi asked the PANA Coalition to propose a new candidate to form a coalition government. However, other political parties opposed the move.[2]

On 5 August 2019, the Assembly of Kosovo agreed to hold an extraordinary session on 22 August, planning to disband itself so that elections could be scheduled.[3] Subsequently, on 22 August 2019, MPs voted to dissolve parliament, with 89 of the 120 voting in favour, necessitating elections within 30–45 days.[4]

Electoral system

The 120 members of the Assembly are elected by open list proportional representation, with 20 seats reserved for national minorities.[5] An electoral threshold of 5% was in place for non-minority parties.

Parties and coalitions

On 7 September the Election Commission published the official list of the 25 participating parties and coalitions.[6]

Party Candidate for Prime Minister Votes received by the candidate for PM
Vetëvendosje (VV)

Alternativa (Candidates run inside VV list)[7]

Albin Kurti (VV) 183 952 (VV)
Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK)

PSHDK (Candidates run inside LDK list)[8]

Vjosa Osmani (LDK) 176 016 (LDK)
Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK)

Movement for Unification (Candidates run inside PDK list)

Kadri Veseli (PDK) 145 881 (PDK)
100% Kosovo (AAK - PSD Coalition)[9] Ramush Haradinaj (AAK) 76 163 (AAK)
NISMA - AKR - PD Coalition[10] Fatmir Limaj (NISMA) 25 918 (NISMA)
The Word (Fjala)[6] Gëzim Kelmendi
Euroatlantic Party of Kosovo (PEK)[6] Milaim Zeka
Independent (Esmir Rasi)[6] Esmir Rasi
Serbian parties (10 seats reserved)
Serb List
Independent Liberal Party (SLS)
Serb Coalition (Sloboda)[12]
Party of Kosovo Serbs (PKS)[6]
Other minority parties (10 seats reserved)
Romani, Ashkali and Egyptians 4 seats reserved
United Roma Party of Kosovo (PREBK)
Kosovar New Romani Party (KNRP)
Ashkali Party for Integration (PAI)
Democratic Ashkali Party of Kosovo (PDAK)
Egyptian Liberal Party (PLE)
New Democratic Initiative of Kosovo (IRDK)
Bosniaks 3 seats reserved
Vakat Coalition
Bosniak Party of Democratic Action of Kosovo (SDA)
New Democratic Party (NDS)
Turks 2 seats reserved
Turkish Democratic Party of Kosovo (KDTP)
Gorans 1 seat reserved
Civic Initiative of Gora (GIG)
Unique Gorani Party (JGP)
Movement for Gora (PG)

Opinion polls


Pollster Date PDK AAK
LDK LV Other Lead Abstention
PIPOS Exit Poll- 6 Oct 25.8 12.3 5.8 27.9 28.1 0.2 -
Klan Kosova Exit Poll- 6 Oct 22.28 10.58 4.41 30 30 Tie -
SS 4 Oct 19 11 4 32 28 4 -


Pollster Date PDK AAK NISMA LDK AKR A LV PSD SL Other Lead Abstention
NDI 25 Apr 16 17 25 20 5 -
IPSP 2 Apr 16.1 12.1 5.3 21.2 1.6 0.2 19.7 2.2 1.1 1.5 -
PIPOS 1–2 Feb 26 14 5 24 3 1 19 3 - 1 2 -
UBO Consulting 11–18 Dec 20.5 12.6 6.3 27.1 - - 22.6 - - 10.9 4.5 -
IFIMES 19–28 Sep 22.9 10.1 5.2 28.3 1.6 0.6 23.1 2.2 - 6 5.2 -
KDI 25 Aug–5 Sep 18.4 8.8 4.9 23.8 1.7 0.6 17.6 2 4.1 2.6 5.4 15.6
KDI 10–5 Jun 23 10.4 6.3 30.8 - - 21.2 2.4 2 4.1 7.8 -
2017 election 11 Jun 2017 33.74 25.53 27.49 6.12 7.12 6.25 -


The initial results showed that the pro-government NISMAAKRPD alliance fell only a few hundred votes short of meeting the 5% electoral threshold and lost all 10 of their seats. However, the Kosovo Election Complaints and Appeals Panel subsequently ordered around 3,782 votes originating in Serbia to be removed from the vote count as they had been delivered by Serbian officials rather than by post.[13] The removed votes allowed the NISMA-led alliance to cross the threshold and win six seats, a reduction of four from the prior election. Vetëvendosje and the Independent Liberal Party (which lost its parliamentary representation) were the only other parties to see a reduction in their seat totals. The Democratic League of Kosovo, Democratic Party of Kosovo, AAKPSD alliance and the Serb List all gained seats. Voter turnout was around 45%.

Democratic League of Kosovo206,51624.5528+5
Democratic Party of Kosovo178,63721.2324+1
100% Kosovo (AAKPSD)96,87211.5113+3
Serb List53,8616.4010+1
Vakat Coalition7,0750.8420
Turkish Democratic Party of Kosovo6,7880.8120
Egyptian Liberal Party4,8870.5810
New Democratic Party3,9350.4710
Ashkali Party for Integration3,1130.3710
Democratic Ashkali Party of Kosovo1,9630.230–1
Independent Liberal Party1,8590.220–1
New Democratic Initiative of Kosovo1,7550.211+1
Euroatlantic Party of Kosovo1,1730.140New
Unique Gorani Party1,1590.1410
United Roma Party of Kosovo1,0780.1310
Bosniak Party of Democratic Action of Kosovo8340.1000
Party of Kosovo Serbs8160.1000
Civic Initiative of Gora7850.0900
Movement for Gora6950.0800
Serb Coalition (Sloboda)6720.080New
Kosovar New Romani Party2890.0300
Valid votes841,27596.20
Invalid/blank votes33,2713.80
Total votes874,546100.00
Registered voters/turnout1,961,21344.59
Source: KQZ, KQZ, KQZ


After the election, Vetëvendosje leader Albin Kurti formed a coalition with the LDK. However, the government collapsed on 25 March following a motion of no confidence.[14] Following the vote, the LDK formed a new government with the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo, the Social Democratic Initiative and the Serb List. However, due to the Constitutional Court's ruling and a deputy's conviction, the government collapsed again and another election will be held within 40 days starting from 22 December.[15][16]


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