2021 Bulgaria bus crash

On 23 November 2021, at 2 a.m. local time, a Macedonian bus crashed and caught fire in western Bulgaria.[4] The accident happened on the Struma motorway near the village of Bosnek, south-west of Sofia.[5] Fifty passengers and two drivers were on the bus.[6] Forty-five people died in the crash, including twelve children. Seven other passengers suffered burns but initially survived.[7][8][9] It is currently the deadliest road accident in Bulgarian history, and has been referred to as the deadliest bus crash in Europe in a decade.[10][11]

2021 Bulgaria bus crash
Date23 November 2021
Time02:00 (UTC+2)
LocationNear Bosnek, Pernik Province, Bulgaria
Coordinates42°29′27″N 23°07′53″E
Non-fatal injuries7

The Dolna Dikanya to Dragichevo section of the Struma Motorway was temporarily closed following the incident.[7]

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