2021 London Assembly election

The 2021 London Assembly election was held on 6 May 2021 to elect the members of the London Assembly, alongside the 2021 London mayoral election. The mayoral and Assembly elections were originally to be held on 7 May 2020, but on 13 March 2020 it was announced the election would be postponed until 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[1] It was the sixth election since the assembly was established in 2000. Due to the previous term being extended to 5 years, those elected will serve only a three-year term until the next election in 2024. The election was held on the same day in 2021 as other elections in the UK; the UK local elections, Scottish Parliament election, and Welsh Senedd election.

2021 London Assembly election
 2016 6 May 2021

All 25 seats in the London Assembly
13 seats needed for a majority
Turnout42.7% 2.9%
  First party Second party
Leader Len Duvall Susan Hall
Party Labour Conservative
Leader's seat Greenwich and Lewisham Londonwide
Last election 12 seats 8 seats
Seats won 11 9
Seat change 1 1
Constituency Vote 1,083,215 833,021
 % and swing 41.7% 1.8% 32.0% 0.9%
Regional Vote 986,609 795,081
 % and swing 38.1% 2.2% 30.7% 1.5%

  Third party Fourth party
Leader Caroline Russell Caroline Pidgeon
Party Green Liberal Democrats
Leader's seat Londonwide Londonwide
Last election 2 seats 1 seat
Seats won 3 2
Seat change 1 1
Constituency Vote 336,840 266,595
 % and swing 13.0% 3.9% 10.3% 2.8%
Regional Vote 305,452 189,622
 % and swing 11.8% 3.8% 7.3% 1.0%

The left side shows constituency winners of the election by their party colours. The right side shows regional winners of the election for the additional members by their party colours.

Five parties had figured in the fifth Assembly: London Labour led by Len Duvall; London Conservatives led by Gareth Bacon and latterly Susan Hall;[2] London Greens led by Caroline Russell; UKIP London represented by David Kurten (as part of the Brexit Alliance group led by its former leader Peter Whittle); and the London Liberal Democrats led by Caroline Pidgeon. This fell to four as the UKIP seats were lost.



In the 2016 local elections, the Labour Party won the post of London Mayor, as well as 12 seats in the London Assembly elections. The party polled over 1 million votes, which represented the best-ever result for any political party in a London Assembly election. The Conservative Party were the runners-up, winning 8 seats, followed by the Green Party (2 seats), the UK Independence Party (2 seats) and the Liberal Democrats (1 seat). The Women's Equality Party, meanwhile, achieved 3.5% of the regional list vote, failing to reach the 5% minimum threshold required for representation.

The following year, in the snap election on 8 June 2017, Labour polled 55% of the popular vote in London, winning 49 of 73 London seats in the British House of Commons. In the 2018 borough elections across the capital, Labour saw their best result in over 45 years, winning 47% of the vote. Both the Liberal Democrats and the Green party also gained seats across London.

UKIP Assembly Member Peter Whittle left the party in December 2018. He and the remaining UKIP Assembly Member David Kurten formed their own Brexit Alliance group on the Assembly.[3] Kurten subsequently also left UKIP.[4]

2019 elections

In 2019, London was involved in two nationwide elections.

In the May 2019 European Parliament elections, the Liberal Democrats came first in London; winning the most votes in the London region with 27% and gaining three MEPs, their best result in the party's history. The Labour Party came second, with 24% of the vote, losing two seats.[5] The Brexit Party gained two MEPs and Greens won 12.5% of the vote, holding their one seat. The Conservative Party failed to get a single MEP elected in London for the first time in the history of the party.

In the general election at the end of 2019, there was no net change in the number of seats for each party, although four constituencies in London changed hands. Across London, Labour comfortably won the most seats.[6][7] Two members of the London Assembly were elected to Parliament: the Conservative group leader Gareth Bacon and Labour member Florence Eshalomi. Susan Hall replaced Bacon as Conservative group leader, and both Bacon and Eshalomi announced that they would not seek re-election at the 2020 London Assembly election.[8]

Electoral system

Social distancing measures outside a polling station in Highgate, London, 6 May 2021
London Assembly results map.
London Assembly results map by vote share.

The members of the Assembly are elected through a combination of both first past the post as well as closed list proportional representation; this system is commonly referred to as the additional member system. 14 members are elected in single member constituencies with the candidate receiving the largest number of votes becoming the Assembly Member for that constituency. An additional 11 members are also elected from the whole of London — with parties creating lists of up to 25 candidates — for a party to be included it needs to attain at least 5% of the vote across London. This process divides the remaining seats proportionally to the vote share of the parties with the use of the modified D'Hondt method allocating the seats. This system ensures proportionality with the 11 additional members being allocated in a corrective manner.[9][10]


The London Labour Party changed its selection process for assembly members so that party members select new candidates.[11][12] The party started an investigation into a dispute over a "trigger ballot" organised by Momentum members to deselect Florence Eshalomi, Assembly Member for Lambeth and Southwark.[13][14]

The Conservatives intend to stand candidates. Their constituency candidate for the North East, Ben Seifert, stood down and joined the Lib Dems in 2019.[15]

Nominations for the Green Party's list candidates closed in January 2019. Their final list was headed by their two current Assembly Members, Sian Berry (also the mayoral candidate) and Caroline Russell. The other three individuals who sought the mayoral nomination are also all Assembly candidates: Shahrar Ali (list candidate in 2016), Peter Underwood and former Liberal Democrat Zack Polanski.[16] Other candidates include Benali Hamdache (list candidate in 2016; sought to be the Green mayoral candidate in 2016, losing to Berry).[17]

The Liberal Democrats announced a shortlist of 15 people to be list candidates. These were voted on by the party membership, with the results announced in late November 2018.[18][19] The candidate list was reshuffled in May 2019 following the withdrawal of Lucy Salek, originally placed third on the list.


Constituency candidates need to submit a deposit of £1000, which is returned if they get 5% of the vote. A London-wide list requires a deposit of £5000, returnable if the list gets 2.5% of the vote.[20]

Constituency candidates

Constituency Labour[21] Conservative[citation needed] Green[22] Lib Dems[23] Reform UK Others[24]
Barnet & Camden Anne Clarke[lower-alpha 1]
(75,180, 1st)
Roberto Weeden-Sanz
(62,178, 2nd)
Kirsten de Keyser[lower-alpha 2]
(22,180, 3rd)
Marisha Ray
(14,172, 4th)
Mark Simpson[lower-alpha 2]
(4,107, 5th)
Bexley & Bromley Stefano Borella
(47,389, 2nd)
Peter Fortune[25][lower-alpha 1]
(97,966, 1st)
Mary Ion
(21,600, 3rd)
Alan Tweddle
(13,305, 4th)
Michael Pastor[lower-alpha 2]
(5,861, 5th)
Brent & Harrow Krupesh Hirani[lower-alpha 1]
(77,782, 1st)
Molly Samuel-Leport
(56,560, 2nd)
Emma Wallace
(17,472, 3rd)
Anton Georgiou
(14,783, 4th)
Ian Price[lower-alpha 2]
(3,916, 5th)
City & East Unmesh Desai[lower-alpha 3]
(125,025, 1st)
Nick Vandyke
(46,718, 2nd)
Tim Kiely
(25,596, 3rd)
Richard Flowers
(14,136, 4th)
David Bull[lower-alpha 2]
(9,060, 5th)
Croydon & Sutton Patsy Cummings
(56,975, 2nd)
Neil Garratt[lower-alpha 1]
(75,246, 1st)
Peter Underwood[lower-alpha 2]
(18,069, 4th)
Claire Bonham
(26,258, 3rd)
Robert Poll[lower-alpha 2]
(3,190, 5th)
Renos Sampson
(Let London Live)[lower-alpha 2]
(2,021, 6th)
Ealing & Hillingdon Onkar Sahota[lower-alpha 3]
(85,216, 1st)
Gregory Stafford
(76,974, 2nd)
Marijn van de Geer
(22,620, 3rd)
Hussain Khan[lower-alpha 2]
(16,435, 4th)
Anthony Goodwin
(7,415, 5th)
Enfield & Haringey Joanne McCartney[lower-alpha 3]
(81,620, 1st)
Lee David-Sanders
(43,626, 2nd)
Jarelle Francis[lower-alpha 2]
(21,921, 3rd)
Dawn Barnes
(17,363, 4th)
Deborah Cairns
(3,284, 5th)
Pamela Anne Holmes (Independent)
(1,020, 6th)
Greenwich & Lewisham Len Duvall[lower-alpha 3]
(82,048, 1st)
Charlie Davis
(38,889, 2nd)
Rosamund Kissi-Debrah[lower-alpha 2]
(30,808, 3rd)
Chris Annous[lower-alpha 2]
(12,744, 4th)
Edward Apostolides[lower-alpha 2]
(3,689, 5th)
Tan Bui (Independent)
(1,851, 6th)
Havering & Redbridge Judith Garfield
(61,941, 2nd)
Keith Prince[lower-alpha 3]
(77,268, 1st)
Melanie Collins
(13,685, 3rd)
Thomas Clarke
(8,150, 4th)
Richard Tice[lower-alpha 2]
(5,143, 5th)
Andy Walker (TUSC)[lower-alpha 2]
(1,856, 6th)
Lambeth & Southwark Marina Ahmad[lower-alpha 1]
(91,949, 1st)
Hannah Ginnett
(30,855, 3rd)
Claire Sheppard
(36,933, 2nd)
Florence Cyrot
(20,920, 4th)
John Cronin[lower-alpha 2]
(3,917, 5th)
April Ashley (TUSC)[lower-alpha 2]
(2,919, 6th)
Merton & Wandsworth Leonie Cooper[lower-alpha 3]
(75,468, 1st)
Louise Calland
(60,968, 2nd)
Pippa Maslin
(22,793, 3rd)
Sue Wixley
(18,818, 4th)
Roger Gravett
(3,080, 5th)
North East Sem Moema[lower-alpha 1]
(112,739, 1st)
Emma Best[lower-alpha 2]
(41,398, 3rd)
Caroline Russell[lower-alpha 2]
(43,601, 2nd)
Kate Pothalingam
(14,827, 4th)
Alex Wilson
(4,251, 5th)
Nancy Taaffe (TUSC)[lower-alpha 2]
(3,236, 6th)
South West Candice Atterton
(56,945, 3rd)
Nicholas Rogers[lower-alpha 1]
(69,212, 1st)
Andrée Frieze
(23,135, 4th)
Gareth Roberts
(61,222, 2nd)
Dominique Day[lower-alpha 2]
(3,396, 5th)
Sylvia Da Barca
(Let London Live)[lower-alpha 2]
(2,836, 6th)
West Central Rita Begum
(52,938, 2nd)
Tony Devenish[lower-alpha 3]
(55,163, 1st)
Zack Polanski[lower-alpha 2]
(16,427, 3rd)
Ted Townsend
(13,462, 4th)
Saradhi Rajan[lower-alpha 2]
(1,954, 6th)
Heiko Bernard Khoo
(Let London Live)[lower-alpha 2]
(1,977, 5th)
Source: London Elects
  1. New candidate for incumbent party
  2. Also a candidate for the London-wide list
  3. Incumbent seeking re-election

London-wide list candidates

† Also standing as mayoral candidate

2021 London Assembly election (London-wide)[26]
List Candidates Votes % ±
Labour Elly Baker (98,661), Sakina Sheikh (89,692),
Murad Qureshi (82,217), Emine Ibrahim, Faduma Hassan, Sophie Charman-Blower, Bob Littlewood, Miriam Mirwitch, Shahina Jaffer, Taranjit Chana, James Beckles
986,609 38.1% 2.2%
Conservative Shaun Bailey† (132,514), Andrew Boff (113,583), Susan Hall (99,385), Emma Best (88,342),
Selina Seesunkur (79,508), Toby Williams, Ahmereen Reza, Timothy Briggs, Simon Hoar, John Riley, Julian Gallant, George Currie
795,081 30.7% 1.5%
Green Siân Berry† (305,452), Caroline Russell (152,726), Zack Polanski (101,817),
Benali Hamdache (76,363), Shahrar Ali, Rosamund Kissi-Debrah, Ben Fletcher, Hannah Graham, Peter Underwood, Kirsten De Keyser, Jarelle Francis
305,452 11.8% 3.8%
Liberal Democrats Caroline Pidgeon (189,522), Hina Bokhari (94,761),
Robert Blackie (63,174), Chris Maines, Joyce Onstad, Irina von Wiese, Hussain Khan, Michael Bukola, Adrian Hyyrylainen-Trett, Adetokunbo Fatukasi, Charley Hasted
189,522 7.3% 1.0%
Women's Equality Harini Iyengar, Jacueline Dean, Tabitha Morton, Rebecca Manson-Jones, Nikki Uppal, Pamela Ritchie, Leila Fazal, Sarabajaya Kumar, Guilene Marcor, Sellisha Lockyer, Korina Holmes, Maureen Obi-Ezekpazu, Georgina Ladbury 55,684 2.2% 1.3%
Rejoin EU Richard Hewison†, Deborah Iliffe, Charlotte Blake, John Stevens, Brendan Donnelly, Rory Fitzgerald, Benrd Rendic, Philipp Gnatzy, Karol Bobal, Raj Kumar, Javern Pond 49,389 1.9% New
Animal Welfare Vanessa Hudson†, Sam Morland, Alex Bourke, Femy Amin, Mark Scott, Julian Weisman 44,667 1.7% 0.7%
CPA Maureen Maud Marin, Helen Spiby-Vann, Ashley Keith Dickenson, Carol Valinejad, Eunice Oruyinka Ade Odesanmi, Katherine Susan Hortense, Desmond Coke, Donald Akhigbe 28,878 1.1% 0.1%
UKIP Peter Gammons†, Elizabeth Jones, Julie Carter, Stuart Freeman, Marjan Keqaj, Kakala Nyembwe, Ziz Kakoulakis, Geoffrey Courtenay, Anil Bhatti, Amir Latif, Simon Harman 27,114 1.0% 5.5%
Reform UK Richard Tice, David Bull, Robert Poll, Dominique Day, Michael Pastor, Saradhi Rajan, Ian Price, Edward Apostolides, Mark Simpson, Michael Anthony, John Cronin 25,009 1.0% New
London Real Party Brian Rose†, Paul Frost, Kim Murray, Julian Bailes 18,395 0.7% New
Let London Live Piers Corbyn†, Heiko Khoo, Sylvia Da Barca, Julia Stephenson, Renos Samson 15,755 0.6% New
Heritage David Kurten†, Sean Finch, Lewis Glyn, Zachary Stiling, Barbara Ray, Dominic Stockford 13,534 0.5% New
TUSC Nancy Taaffe, April Ashley, Lewis Baker, Deji Olayinka, Andrew Walker, Thea Everett, Lawanya Ramajayam, Jack Jeffery, Marvin Hay, Len Hockey, Lois Austin, Bob Law, Ferdy Lyons, Rachel Lyon, Naomi Bryan, Pete Mason, Angharad Hillier, Hugo Pierre, Brian Debus, Mira Glavardanov, Niall Mulholland, John Viner, Wally Kennedy, Paul Kershaw, Paul Scott 9,004 0.3% New
Communist Robin Talbot, Judith Cazorla Rodenas, Philip Wedgwood Brand, Akira Allman, Lorraine Douglas, Stewart McGill, Lucian Branescu-Mihaila, Anita Halpin, Hannah Sawtwell 8,787 0.3% New
SDP Eric Siva-Jothy, Stephen Gardner, Matthew Beresford, Simon Marshall, Brilant Krasniqi, Seth Liebowitz, Tricia Bracher, Rosamund Hubley 7,782 0.3% New
Londependence Bella Roberts, Tom Foster, Daniel Jacobs, John Halnan 5,746 0.2% New
National Liberal Upkar Rai, Arunasalam Rajalingam, Faisal Maramazi, Araz Yurdseven, Ponniah Yogaraja 2,860 0.1% New

Assembly members not standing for re-election

Opinion polls


Pollster Client Date(s)
Lab Con Green Lib Dem Others Lead
YouGov N/A 2–4 May 2021 1,141 43% 30% 13% 9%
Reform UK on 2%
Other on 3%
YouGov Queen Mary University of London 29 Mar1 Apr 2021 1,192 46% 29% 8% 12%
Reform UK on 3%
Other on 2%
YouGov Queen Mary University of London 16–19 Nov 2020 1,192 50% 30% 9% 8%
Reform UK on 3%
Other on 1%
YouGov Queen Mary University of London 2–6 Mar 2020 1,002 47% 31% 9% 11% [lower-alpha 1] 16%
2016 Assembly election 5 May 2016 43.5% 31.1% 9.1% 7.5% 8.8% 12.4%

London wide vote

Pollster Client Date(s)
Lab Con Green Lib Dem Others Lead
YouGov N/A 2–4 May 2021 1,141 41% 31% 15% 8%
Reform UK on 2%
Other on 3%
YouGov Queen Mary University of London 29 Mar1 Apr 2021 1,192 44% 29% 11% 11%
Reform UK on 3%
Other on 2%
YouGov Queen Mary University of London 16–19 Nov 2020 1,192 49% 29% 10% 7%
Reform UK on 3%
Other on 1%
YouGov Queen Mary University of London 2–6 Mar 2020 1,002 45% 29% 12% 10% [lower-alpha 1] 16%
2016 Assembly election 5 May 2016 40.3% 29.2% 8.0% 6.3% 16.2% 11.1%


Liberal Democrats266,59510.260189,5227.3222+1
Women's Equality55,6842.15000
Rejoin EU49,3891.9100New
Animal Welfare44,6671.73000
Christian Peoples Alliance28,8781.12000
UK Independence Party27,1141.0500−2
Reform UK62,2632.40025,0090.9700New
London Real18,3950.7100New
Let London Live6,8340.26015,7550.6100New
Communist Party of Britain8,7870.3400New
Social Democratic7,7820.3000New
National Liberal2,8600.1100New
Valid votes2,599,65098.332,589,26897.92
Invalid/blank votes44,0581.6754,9312.08
Total votes2,643,708100.002,644,199100.00
Registered voters/turnout6,191,38742.706,191,38742.71
Source: London Elects


The largest vote increase was by the Greens, up 3.8% in the regional vote and gaining 1 seat, while the largest fall was by UKIP, down 5.4% in the regional vote and losing both their seats.


  1. Brexit Party: 2%

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