2021 Norwegian parliamentary election

Parliamentary elections were held in Norway on 13 September 2021.[1] All 169 seats in the Norwegian legislature, the Storting, were up for election.[2] The election was won by a coalition consisting of the social-democratic Labour Party and the agrarian Centre Party that entered into negotiations to form a government.[3] The election also resulted in a majority for the parties that seek to dissolve the unpopular and controversial Viken county.[4]

2021 Norwegian parliamentary election

 2017 13 September 2021 2025 

All 169 seats in the Storting
85 seats needed for a majority
Turnout77.1% 1.1pp
PartyLeader % Seats +/–
Labour Jonas Gahr Støre 26.3 48 -1
Conservative Erna Solberg 20.4 36 -9
Centre Trygve Slagsvold Vedum 13.5 28 +9
Progress Sylvi Listhaug 11.6 21 -6
Socialist Left Audun Lysbakken 7.6 13 +2
Red Bjørnar Moxnes 4.7 8 +7
Liberal Guri Melby 4.6 8 0
Green Une Aina Bastholm 3.9 3 +2
Christian Democratic Kjell Ingolf Ropstad 3.8 3 -5
Patient Focus Irene Ojala 0.2 1 New
This lists parties that won seats. See the complete results below.
Prime Minister before Prime Minister after election
Erna Solberg
Jonas Gahr Støre

It saw a big win for the left-wing opposition in an election fought on climate change, inequality, and oil.[5] Late at night on 13 September, incumbent Conservative Party prime minister Erna Solberg conceded defeat.[6] Her party ended up with the second-largest number of representatives. Jonas Gahr Støre's Labour Party retained its position as Norway's largest party and expanded their lead in seats over the Conservatives, despite a slight drop in its share of votes and the loss of one seat.[2]

Støre was aiming to form a majority government with the Centre Party and the Socialist Left Party,[7][8] but the latter stated they would remain in opposition citing disagreements over climate and welfare policies,[9] while remaining open for future negotiations and to support the government on common grounds.[10] On 14 October, Støre became prime minister of a pro-oil[11] minority government, the Støre Cabinet.[12]

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