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A number of significant scientific events have occurred or are scheduled to occur in 2021.

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January 2021 in science
Science Summary for this section (January)
6 January: The first systematic review of the scientific evidence around global waste, its management and its impact on human health and life is published.[11]
  • 6 January
    • Scientists report the successful use of gene editing in mice with progeria, a premature aging disease.[12][13][14]
    • Chinese researchers report that they have built the world's largest integrated quantum communication network, combining over 700 optical fibers with two QKD-ground-to-satellite links for a total distance between nodes of the network of networks of up to ~4,600 km.[15][16]
    • The first systematic review of the scientific evidence around global waste, its management and its impact on human health and life is published, providing assessments, suggestions for corrective action, engineering solutions and requests for further research. It finds that about half of all the municipal solid terrestrial waste – or close to one billion tons per year – is either not collected or mismanaged after collection, often being burned in open and uncontrolled fires. Authors conclude that "massive risk mitigation can be delivered" while noting that broad priority areas each lack a "high-quality research base", partly due to the absence of "substantial research funding", which scientists often require.[11][17]
  • 7 January
    • A potential mRNA vaccine for multiple sclerosis is presented by a collaboration including BioNTech, with a study in mice showing great promise for improving symptoms and stopping disease progression.[18][19][14]
    • The Distribution and Frequency of P681H and D614G Mutations Among All SARS-CoV-2 Sequences by Month Reported in the GISAID Database in Year 2020
      COVID-19 pandemic: Scientists report in a preprint that the mutation 'P681H', a characteristic feature of the significant novel SARS-CoV-2 variants detected in the U.K. and Nigeria, is showing a significant exponential increase in worldwide frequency, similar to the now globally prevalent 'D614G'.[20][21]
    • Time-series representations of mean relative body size
      Scientists conclude that environmental factors played a major role in the evolution of the slowly-evolving, currently low-diverse Crocodilia (and their ancestor-relatives), with warmer climate being associated with high evolutionary rates and large body sizes.[22][23]
8 January: News outlets report that scientists, with the Juno spacecraft orbiting Jupiter, detected an FM radio signal from the moon Ganymede which is reportedly caused by cyclotron maser instability and similar to both WiFi-signals and Jupiter's emissions.[24]
  • 8 January
    • News outlets report that scientists, with the Juno spacecraft orbiting Jupiter, detected an FM radio signal from the moon Ganymede which is reportedly caused by cyclotron maser instability and similar to both WiFi-signals and Jupiter's radio emissions.[24][25] A study about the radio emissions was published in September 2020[26] but did not describe them to be of FM nature or similar to WiFi signals.[additional citation(s) needed]
    • Artist's conception of the quasar J0313–1806, seen as it was only 670 million years after the Big Bang
      Scientists report the discovery of the most distant, and therefore oldest, quasar, J0313–1806. It is located 13 bn light-years away, does not yet have an accepted non-identifier name and significantly challenges theoretical models of early SMBH growth, apparently existing just ∼670 million years after the Big Bang despite its large size.[27][28]
    • Archaeologists report that the African cultural phase, called Middle Stone Age, thought to have lasted from ~300–30 ka, lasted to ~11 ka in some places, highlighting significant spatial and temporal cultural variability.[29][30]
    • A study with mice suggests that childhood diet and exercise can substantially affect adult microbiome composition and diversity.[31][32][33]
    • WASP-62b is confirmed to be the first hot Jupiter exoplanet without clouds or haze in its observable atmosphere.[34][35]
  • 12 January
13 January: A group of 17 high-ranking ecologists conclude that current challenges – themselves individually – that humanity faces and which may lead to a "ghastly" future are large and underestimated.[41]
25 January: Global ice loss is found to be accelerating at a record rate in a scientific review, matching the worst-case scenarios of the IPCC.[71]


February 2021 in science
Science Summary for this section (February)
18 February: NASA's Perseverance rover lands on Mars.


March 2021 in science
Science Summary for this section
1 March: A review classifies SETI technosignatures.[159]
9 March: Erik Lentz describes a way warp drives sourced from known and familiar purely positive energy could exist.[186]
11 March: A review finds that the Amazon basin currently emits more greenhouse gases than it absorbs overall.[204]
24 March: A view of the M87* supermassive black hole in polarised light


Science Summary video for this section
2 April: Scientists describe how the dinosaur-killing impact is an origin of neotropical rainforests like the Amazonia and replaced its species composition.[243]
6 April: A study finds that carbon emissions from Bitcoin mining within China are about to exceed the total annual carbon emissions of countries like Italy (within an estimated ~3 years).[245]
12 April: The construction of the first (eco-)house 3D printed from clay, Tecla, is completed.[249]
19 April: The semi-autonomous Ingenuity performs the first powered aircraft flight on another planet in human history.[286]
29 April: The first, core module of the Chinese Tiangong space station is put into orbit.[287]
  • 15 April
  • 16 April Scientists report that in the case of Alaskan forests, such boreal forests recovered from wildfires by shifting to a deciduous-coniferous mix, which could offset the carbon emitted during the fires.[302][303]
  • 17 April New Horizons reaches a distance of 50 astronomical units (AU) from the Sun, while remaining fully operational.[304]
  • 19 April NASA's Ingenuity helicopter, part of the Mars 2020 mission, performs the first powered aircraft flight on another planet in history. The test location is named "Wright Brothers Field".[305][306][286]
  • 20 April
    • Perseverance performs a test of its MOXIE instrument to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen for the first time on Mars.[307]
    • The Ivanti Pulse Connect Secure data breach of unauthorized access to the networks of high-value targets since at least June 2020 via CVE-2021-22893 across the U.S. and some E.U. nations[additional citation(s) needed] due to their use of vulnerable, proprietary software is reported.[308][309]
    • Scientists show that a class of warp drives that are slower than light, could control the rate of time within the spaceship and are sourced from positive energy could in principle possibly be constructed based on known physical principles. Furthermore, they provide a new argument "why superluminal warp drive solutions may always violate weak energy conditions" and that the concept proposed in a study published in March (see above) "likely forms a new class of warp drive spacetimes".[310][311]
  • 23 April
  • 27 April Astronomers report the discovery of TOI-1431b, an "ultra-hot Jupiter" with a dayside temperature of ~3,000°K (2,700°C), making it one of the hottest exoplanets found to date.[317][318]
  • 29 April The first, core module of the Chinese Tiangong space station, Tianhe, is placed in low Earth orbit. It is one of three permanent modules intended to be fully assembled in 2022 for a designed lifespan of 10-15 years, is 16.6 m in size and could host three astronaut scientists.[287]


Science Summary video for this section


  • 1 June A new microscopy technique using a hyperbolic metamaterial is shown to boost imaging resolutions, from 200 nanometres down to 40 nanometres.[395]
  • 2 June
    • NASA selects DAVINCI+ and VERITAS, two proposed spacecraft to study the atmosphere and surface of Venus, as the next missions in its Discovery Program.[396]
    • A new study published in Nature provide experimental evidance of asymmetric response of interfacial water to applied electric field. The researchers have used a single layer graphene electrode and a novel surface sensitive non-linear spectroscopy technique to investigate the top-most water layer at the electrochemically charged surface.[397][398][399]
  • 7 June
  • 8 June Toshiba achieves quantum communications over optical fibres exceeding 600 km in length, a new world record distance.[403][404]
  • 9 June
  • 10 June
  • 14 June Astronomers describe the largest known spinning structures in the Universe, consisting of "tendrils" of galaxies spanning hundreds of millions of light years in length.[410][411]
  • 16 June Astronomers report that the Great Dimming of Betelgeuse, a red supergiant star, resulted from expulsion of a substantial amount of dust from the star, and not a sign of its destruction.[412][413]
  • 18 June The existence of a "pulse" in Earth's geological activity, occurring approximately every 27.5 million years, is reported by New York University. The next pulse is due in about 20.5 million years.[414]
  • 19 June A previously unknown dwarf planet, 2014 UN271, is reported by astronomers at the Dark Energy Survey. The object is estimated at between 100 and 370 km in size and will pass as close as Saturn in January 2031.[415]
  • 23 June Astronomers report the determination of 1,715 stars (with likely related exoplanetary systems) within 326 light-years (100 parsecs) that have a favorable positional vantage point—in relation to the Earth Transit Zone (ETZ)—of detecting Earth as an exoplanet transiting the Sun since the beginnings of human civilization (about 5,000 years ago).[416]

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  • 16 February – Bernard Lown, Lithuanian-born American inventor and cardiologist (b. 1921)[433]

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