2022 United Kingdom local elections

The 2022 United Kingdom local elections took place on Thursday 5 May 2022. These included elections for all London borough councils, for all local authorities in Wales and Scotland. Most seats in England were last up for election in 2018 and in Scotland and Wales in 2017. The elections coincided with the 2022 Northern Ireland Assembly election. In 91 cases, most of them in Wales, council seats were uncontested, each having only one candidate. Three seats in Scotland remained unfilled as no one nominated to fill them.

2022 United Kingdom local elections
 2021 5 May 2022 2023 

  • 146 unitary, metropolitan, district and London councils in England
  • All 32 councils in Scotland
  • All 22 councils in Wales
  • 7 directly elected mayors in England
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Keir Starmer Boris Johnson Ed Davey
Party Labour Conservative Liberal Democrats
Leader since 4 April 2020 23 July 2019 27 August 2020[n 1]
Popular vote[n 2] 35% 30% 19%
Swing[n 3] Increase6% Decrease6% Increase2%
Councillors 3,073 1,403 868
Councillors ± Increase108 Decrease485 Increase224
Councils 74[n 4] 35 16
Councils ± Increase5 Decrease11 Increase3

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
Leader Nicola Sturgeon Adam Price Carla Denyer and Adrian Ramsay
Party SNP Plaid Cymru Green
Leader since 14 November 2014 28 September 2018 1 October 2021
Popular vote[n 2] 34.1%[n 5] TBC 8.2%
Swing[n 3] Increase1.8% TBC TBC
Councillors 453 202 159
Councillors ± Increase22 Decrease6 Increase87
Councils 1[n 4] 4 0
Councils ± Increase1 Increase3 Steady

Map showing party control of councils following the elections.
  •   No election
  • otherwise see analysis table
Local authorities with elections:
  •   London borough
  •   Metropolitan borough
  •   Unitary authority
  •   District council
  •   City of London Corporation
  •   No election

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