50 new shekel banknote

The fifty shekel note (₪50) is a banknote of the Israeli new shekel, It was first issued in Series A 1985 with the Series B in 1999 and Series C in 2014 the latest.[1][2]

₪50 issued in 1999 (New Shekel Series B banknote)
₪50 issued in 1985 (New Shekel Series A banknote)
Fifty New shekels
Fifty New sheqalim
Width136 mm
Height71 mm
Years of printingSeries C: 2014-present
Series B: 1999-present
Series A: 1985-1999
DesignShaul Tchernichovsky, a citrus tree and its fruits.
Design dateSeries C: 16 September 2014
DesignThe background design is a Corinthian column, and lines from the poem "I Believe" of Shaul Tchernichovsky.
DesignerMs. Osnat Eshel

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