9th Parliament of Solomon Islands

The 9th Parliament of Solomon Islands, determined by the 2010 general election, was the National Parliament of Solomon Islands from 2010 until 2014. It was preceded by the eighth and followed by the tenth.

The 9th Parliament consisted in 50 representatives, elected from 50 single-seat constituencies.[1]

Party standings

The various parties had the following number of seats.[2] The Speaker is chosen from outside Parliament.[3]

Party Seats Change since 8th Parliament
Democratic Party13+8
OUR Party3+3
Reformed Democratic Party3+3
Independent Democratic Party2+2
People's Alliance Party2-6
Party for Rural Advancement2-3
Liberal Party1-2
National Party1-3
People's Congress Party1+1
People's Federation Party1+1
Rural and Urban Political Party1+1
Rural Development Party1+1


The following were the 50 members of the 9th Parliament.[4]

Of these, only seven had been in Parliament prior to 2006. Job Tausinga is Parliament's veteran, having been continuously elected since 1984. Danny Philip was first elected in 1984, but lost his seat in 2001, before regaining it in 2010. Walter Folotalu was first elected in 1994, lost his seat in 1997, and returned to Parliament in a by-election in 2008. Manasseh Sogavare and Snyder Rini have both continuously been elected since 1997. Gordon Darcy Lilo is serving his third consecutive term, having first been elected in 2001. And James Tora first entered Parliament in a by-election in 2004. Twenty other MPs (including the now deceased Toswel Kaua) are serving their second term, while the other twenty-three (including the now deceased Steve Laore, and disgraced Jimmy Lusibaea) are first time MPs.[5]

From among these MPs, Prime Minister Danny Philip appointed his Cabinet on 27 August,[6] while Opposition Leader Steve Abana appointed his Shadow Cabinet on 31 August. Additionally, Clay Forau was elected Leader of the Independent Members of Parliament.[7]

MP Party Constituency In Parliament since... Cabinet position?
Steve William AbanaDemocraticFataleka2006no (Leader of the Opposition;
Shadow Minister for Public Service, Aug. 2010- )
Peter Shannel AgovakaOUR PartyCentral Guadalcanal2006Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Relations (Aug. 2010- )
Lional AlexIndependentSouth Vella La Vella2010Minister for Rural Development and Indigenous Affairs (Aug. 2010- )
Heinz Horst Bodo DettkeIndependentNorth West Guadalcanal2010Minister for Forestry (Aug.-Nov. 2010)
Minister for Fisheries & Marine Resources (Dec. 2010- )
Douglas EteReformed DemocraticEast Honiara2010Minister for Public Service (Aug.-Dec. 2010)
Minister for Forestry (Dec. 2010-Jan. 2011)
Jackson FiulauaIndependentCentral Kwara'ae2010Minister for Infrastructure and Development (Aug. 2010- )
Walter FolotaluDemocraticLau/Mbaelelea2008
previously MP from 1994 to 1997
no (Shadow Minister for Communication and Aviation;
Shadow Minister for Police, National Security and Correctional services, Aug. 2010- )
Clay Forau SoalaoiPeople's FederationTemotu Vatud2006no (Leader of the Independent Members, Aug. 2010- )
John Moffat FuguiIndependentCentral Honiara2010Minister for the Environment and Conservation (Aug. 2010- )
Moses GaruDemocraticWest Guadalcanal2010no (Shadow Minister for Rural Development and Indigenous Affairs, Aug. 2010- )
Alfred GhiroDemocraticEast Makira2010no (Shadow Minister for Provincial Government and Institutional strengthening, Aug. 2010- )
Seth GukunaIndependentRennell-Bellona2006no (Shadow Minister for Culture and Tourism, Aug. 2010- )
Dick Ha'amoriRural DevelopmentWest Makira2006Minister for Education and Human Resources (Aug. 2010- )
Rick HouenipwelaDemocraticSmall Malaita2010no (Shadow Minister for Finance and Treasury, Aug. 2010- )
Shemuel Sam IduriDemocraticWest Kwara'ae2006no (Shadow Minister for National Unity, Reconciliation and Peace, Aug. 2010- )
Martin KealoeDemocraticMalaita Outer Islands2010no
Mark Roboliu KemakezaIndependentNgella2006Minister for Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification (Aug. 2010- )
Andrew Hanaria KeniasinaPeople's Congress PartyEast 'Are'are2010no (Shadow Minister for Fisheries and Marine Resources, Aug. 2010- )
Gordon Darcy LiloIndependentGizo-Kolombangara2001Minister for Finance and Development Planning (Aug. 2010- )
Varian LonameiIndependent DemocraticMaringe-Kokota2006Minister for Aviation and Communication (Aug. 2010- )
Manasseh MaelangaDemocraticEast Malaita2008Deputy Prime Minister;
Minister for Home Affairs (Aug. 2010- )
Martin MaggaPeople's AllianceTemotu Pele2006no
John ManeniaruIndependentWest 'Are'are2010no (Shadow Minister for Commerce, Industry, Labour and Immigration, Aug. 2010- )
Samuel ManetoaliRural and UrbanGao-Bugotu2006Minister for Tourism and Culture (Aug. 2010- )
Commins Aston MewaIndependentTemotu Nende2010Minister for Justice and Legal Affairs (Aug. 2010- )
Elijah Doro MualaNationalSouth Choiseul2010Minister for Commerce, Industry, Labour and Immigration (Aug. 2010- )
Joseph OnikaIndependentNorth East Guadalcanal2010Minister for Women, Youth and Sports (Aug. 2010- )
David Day PachaDemocraticSouth Guadalcanal2006no (Shadow Minister for Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification, Aug. 2010- )
Dickson Mua PanakitasiOUR PartySavo-Russels2010no (Shadow Minister for Health and Medical Services, Aug. 2010- )
Danny PhilipReformed DemocraticSouth New Georgia2010
previously MP from 1984 to 2001
Prime Minister (Aug. 2010- )
Snyder RiniIndependent DemocraticMarovo1997Minister for Aid Coordination and Planning (Aug. 2010- )
Selwyn RiumanaIndependentHograno-Kia-Havulei2006Minister for Agriculture and Livestock (Aug. 2010- )
Connelly SandakabatuIndependentNorth-West Choiseul2010no (Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Livestock, Aug. 2010- )
Charles SigotoReformed DemocraticRanonga-Simbo2010Minister for Health and Medical Services (Aug. 2010- )
Derek SikuaLiberalEast Central Guadalcanal2006no
Stanley Festus SofuDemocraticEast Kwaio2006Minister for Public Service (Dec. 2010- )
Manasseh SogavareOUR PartyEast Choiseul1997no (Shadow Minister for Lands, Housing and Survey;
Shadow Minister for National Planning and Aid Coordination, Aug. 2010- )
Martin SopageIndependentNorth Guadalcanal2006Minister for Lands, Housing and Survey (Aug. 2010- )
Hypolite TaremaeIndependentCentral Makira2010Minister for Peace, Reconciliation and National Unity
(Aug. 2010- )
Job Dudley TausingaRural AdvancementNorth New Georgia1984no (Shadow Minister for Forestry, Aug. 2010- )
Silas TausingaRural AdvancementWest New Georgia2010no (Shadow Minister for Women, Youth and Children's Affairs, Aug. 2010- )
Peter TomDemocraticWest Kwaio2006no (Shadow Minister for Home Affairs, Aug. 2010- )
James ToraDemocraticUlawa-Ugi2004Minister for Police and National Security (Aug. 2010- )
Bradley TovosiaIndependentEast Guadalcanal2010Minister for Provincial Government (Aug. 2010- )
Milna TozakaPeople's AllianceNorth Vella Lavella2006no (Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs and External Trade;
Shadow Minister for Justice and Legal Affairs, Aug. 2010- )
Namson TranIndependentWest Honiara2010no
Matthew WaleDemocraticAoke-Langalanga2008no (Deputy Leader of Opposition;
Shadow Minister for Education and Human Resources Development;
Shadow Minister for the Environment, Conservation and Meteorology, Aug. 2010- )
vacant-North Malaita--


  • Steve Laore (Independent), MP for Shortlands, died on 25 August 2010, three weeks after the election. There was a by-election in Shortlands to determine his successor, on 30 March 2011. His brother Christopher Laore (Independent) succeeded him.[8][9]
  • Toswel Kaua (Independent), MP for Baegu-Asifola, died on 16 November 2010. There was a by-election in Baegu-Asifola to determine his successor, on 30 March 2011. David Tome (Independent) succeeded him.[10][11]
  • Jimmy Lusibaea (Independent), MP for North Malaita and Minister for Fisheries, lost his seat on 30 November 2010 upon being sentenced to two years and nine months in gaol for assault and grievous bodily harm.[12] On 20 January 2011, the Minister for Police, James Tora, remitted Lusibaea's sentence to one month, using his discretion as Minister under section 38 of the Correctional Service Act. Consequently, Lusibaea was no longer barred from occupying his seat, and resumed his functions in Parliament.[13] On 17 October, the High Court ruled that the remit did not amount to a court-sanctioned reduction in sentence, and Lusibaea lost his seat once more. There was a by-election in North Malaita on 1 August 2012 to determine his successor.[14][15] His wife Vika Lusibaea (Independent) succeeded him, becoming only the second woman ever to be elected to Parliament (following Hilda Kari in the 1990s).[16]
  • Andrew Hanaria (People's Congress Party), MP for East 'Are'are and Minister for Civil Aviation, had his election voided by the High Court on 7 December 2011. He was found to have bribed voters in his constituency with cash and material goods before the election. There was a by-election in East 'Are'are on 1 August 2012 to determine his successor.[17] Andrew Manepora'a (party not specified) succeeded him.[18]
  • Mark Kemakeza (Independent), MP for Nggella, lost his seat in March 2012 upon being convicted of misuse of public funds and sentenced to fourteen months in gaol.[19] A by-election was held on 27 February 2013 to determine his successor; trade unionist and teacher Johnley Hatimoana was elected to replace him.[20]
  • Johnley Hatimoana, MP for Ngella, died suddenly of pneumonia on 18 April 2014.[21] There was no by-election, as the next general election was only a few months away.
  • Martin Magga (People's Alliance), MP for Temotu Pele, died after a long illness on 25 August 2014. As with Johnley Hatimoana, his death did not necessitate a by-election.[22]


The following Acts were enacted under the Ninth Parliament.[23]

  • 2010 Supplementary Appropriation Act 2011
  • 2011 Appropriation Act 2011

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