American Football League (1940)

The American Football League, also known retrospectively as the AFL III to distinguish it from earlier organizations of that name,[1] was a professional American football league that operated from 1940–1941. It was created when three teams, the original Cincinnati Bengals, the Columbus Bullies, and the Milwaukee Chiefs, were lured away from the minor-league American Professional Football Association and joined three new franchises in Boston, Buffalo, and New York City in a new league. It competed against the National Football League (NFL), the oldest existing professional football league, established 1920 and reorganized 1922.

American Football League (1940)
SportAmerican football
Inaugural season1940
Claim to fame3rd competitor of National Football League
No. of teams6 (1940), 5 (1941)
CountryUnited States
Columbus Bullies

The organization was the third major league to bear the name American Football League. Its establishment resulted in the dissolution of the American Professional Football Association, which had just announced its intentions to compete with the NFL as a major league organization. In 1941 the American Football League became the first football league to play a double round robin schedule (five home games and five away games). However, it folded after the end of the 1941 season.

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