AT&T Communications

AT&T Communications is a division of AT&T that focuses on mobile phone, broadband, fixed line telephone, home security, network security, and business services. The division houses AT&T Mobility, AT&T Internet, AT&T Phone, AT&T Labs, AT&T Digital Life, and AT&T Cybersecurity.

AT&T Communications
PredecessorAT&T Communications Inc.
FoundedAugust 1, 2017; 5 years ago (2017-08-01)
HeadquartersWhitacre Tower, ,
United States
Key people
Jeff McElfresh (CEO)
Mobile phone
Fixed line telephone
Home security
Revenue US$ 144 billion (2018)
Consumer Wireline
Business Wireline
SubsidiariesAT&T Labs
AT&T Digital Life
AT&T Cybersecurity

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